Java's top 20: The most used Java libraries on GitHub

GitHub imports reveal that some of the most popular Java libraries have stood the test of time

Hype gets the best of even the most confident skeptic sometimes, but there's nothing like real numbers to separate fact from fiction. When the data wizards at Takipi blog set out to discover which Java libraries are most used in open source Java projects, they noted that "new libraries and frameworks tend to generate more buzz," which could lead some of us to think we're forever behind the curve. In truth, solid technologies stand the test of time, and upstarts rarely truly challenge that.

Their investigation -- spanning "60,678 import statements of 11,939 unique Java libraries that are used by the top 5,216 Java projects on Github" -- turns up a healthy selection of usual suspects. Here are the top five libraries most used by leading open source Java projects on GitHub, according to this analysis:

  • #1: JUnit (imported by 64% of top Java projects)
  • #2: SLF4J (imported by 22% of top Java projects)
  • #3: Log4j (imported by 16.76% of top Java projects)
  • #4: Google Guava (imported by 15.6% of top Java projects)
  • #5: apache-commons (imported by 12.63% of of top Java projects)

For more surprising results and an extensive list (up to 100 libraries), see Alex Zhitnitsky's original post on "Takipi Blog" ...

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