Bitbucket vs. GitHub: Which project host has the most?

Thee factors could help you choose the right code repository, or you might consider using both

The question is not "Do I host my source code?" If you're a one-person shop, the answer should be yes. If you're a midsized consulting firm, the answer should be yes. If you're a huge distributed product company, the answer should be yes. You get the picture.

The real question: "With whom do I host my source code?" The answer to that question is not as straightforward as the first and will require more thought and research.

At a company I used to work for, we hosted our own source code up until a drunk driver ran into our office building, and shortly thereafter we faced the same question. We did some preliminary research that narrowed our choices to GitHub and Bitbucket, but there wasn't a clear winner between the two. Here are some points to consider when picking the right source code hosting solution. The points are listed roughly in order of importance. The first points are critical, while the last points are icing.

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