Node.js roadmap: What’s next for the JavaScript runtime

Although Node.js 10 will debut in April 2018, more features are under consideration for 2018 and 2019

Node.js, the popular server-side JavaScript runtime, is expected to add improvements in a range of areas by 2020, including HTTP/2, modularization and NPM security.

Athough Node.js Version 10 is slated to debut in April, additional capabilities are planned for future versions.

Expected new features for Node.js

Two Node.js technical steering committee members have shared features under consideration, mostly for after Version 10’s release:

  • N-API and HTTP/2 are coming out of an experimental phase and could debut i Node.js 10—or be delivered later. N-API features a C API for building native add-ons while HTTP/2 is a replacement for HTTP focused on performance.
  • Better diagnostic capabilities, which is becoming more important area as Node.js is increasingly used in production applications.
  • A faster release schedule for the Google V8 JavaScript engine used in Node.js.
  • Better support of ECMAScript (ES) 6 modules. Node.js has had its own module system, but ECMAScript 6 offers a standardized module system. The plan is to provide a browser-compatible ECMAScript 6 implementation that coexists with the existing Node.js modules.
  • Continued progress on security triage for third-party NPM modules.
  • Functional testing for third-party modules, to ensure that dependencies are maintained.
  • Use of JavaScript promises in the Node.js core, providing a betterl fit for developers who want to use promise-type APIs.
  • Support for more build/automation infrastructure, with additional support for tools and scripts. Support for newer operating systems would be added while older OSes would be dropped.

Where to download Node.js

You can download the current version of Node.js, including long-term support and current releases, from the download page.

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