Agam Shah

U.S. Correspondent

Agam Shah covers machine learning, virtual reality, PCs, servers and chips for the IDG News Service, and is based in New York.

It's time to dump Moore's Law to advance computing, researcher says

Android heads to desktops as reliance on Internet grows

Lenovo, HP and Acer show Android all-in-ones, but the pure Android PC remains a work in progress.

Oracle seeks Java performance boost, joins HSA Foundation

Oracle has joined the Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) Foundation, an industry consortium that develops open standards and tools for parallel acceleration and execution.

HSA targets native parallel execution in Java virtual machines by 2015

The HSA Foundation is developing an open specification to allow Java code to be written once and deployed easily across PCs, servers, gaming consoles, and mobile devices. Native support in JVMs is expected in 2015.

AMD-led consortium takes steps to break multicore programming barriers

The HSA Foundation has released a uniform memory architecture, called HUMA, that would make different memory types in a system accessible to all processors.

Industry consortium to tackle open spec for software use across multicore devices

ARM, AMD among companies in new HSA Foundation, which aims to make programming for multicore devices easy and portable.

Multicore coding standards aim to ease programming

The Multicore Association is pushing APIs to reduce the complexity involved in writing software for multicore chips.

Intel Parallel Studio to boost parallelism

Intel has released a beta version of its Intel Parallel Composer for Windows. The company plans to create a family of tools that will speed up the shift to parallel computing and the creation of applications able to run on multicore...

Sentilla pushes Java to microprocessors

Sentilla Software Suite squeezes a complete Java runtime environment into embedded microprocessors

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