Dr. Andreas Solymosi

Professor Emeritus, University of Applied Sciences, Berlin, Germany

Andreas Solymosi was born in Budapest, Hungary, graduated in Mathematics from the University of St. Petersburg, Russia, and holds his PhD in Computer Science from Erlangen, Germany. Following postdoctoral studies at Stanford University, California, Andreas became a professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, Germany. Being emeritus, he writes books and articles about programming languages like Java, and can be reached via his website: http://public.beuth-hochschule.de/~solymosi/.

Type dependency in Java, Part 2

Type dependency in Java, Part 1

Type dependency in Java, Part 1

Covariance and contravariance might seem esoteric, but you'll need these concepts more than ever as the Java language evolves. Get started with type dependency in array types, generic types, and the wildcard element.

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