Dustin Marx

Dustin Marx is a principal software engineer and architect at Raytheon Company. His previous published work for JavaWorld includes Java and Flex articles and "More JSP best practices" (July 2003) and "JSP Best Practices" (November 2001).

Hello Cassandra

Hello Cassandra

Get a quick guide to setting up Cassandra, using keyspaces, and creating a column family, then some caveats regarding how the NoSQL datastore differs from a relational database.

New BigInteger methods in Java 8

Unlike Value(), BigInteger's four new ValueExact() methods will throw an ArithmeticException if the number contained in a BigInteger instance isn't specified in the method's name. While nobody likes exceptions, this post demonstrates...

Dubious features of Java 8

While Java 8's updated default methods, parallel streams, and functional interfaces bring more function and flexibility to the Java platform, some developers note that change doesn't come without a price.

Contributions of individual programming languages to software development

Let's not argue anymore about which programming language is best! This post considers some of our most and least popular languages in terms of their ongoing contributions to software development.

Abstract class versus interface in the JDK 8 era

The difference between abstract classes and interfaces has long vexed Java developers. Find out how Java 8's default methods introduce both new complexity and new options to that familiar programming conundrum.

The wait is over: JDK 8 is here!

A developer's list and crib-sheet of some of the best resources on the web for learning about Java 8, now in general availability.

Serializing Java objects with non-serializable attributes

Use custom serialization as an alternative to transience for non-serializable attributes in your Java objects.

ObjectStreamClass: Peeking at a Java Object's Serialization

Learn a few tricks for using an ObjectStreamClass to analyze the serialization characteristics of a serialized class loaded in the JVM.

Something to consider as Java tops the programming charts

The failure of HealthCare.gov is just one indicator of a problem -- not with the Java language, but with how many developers are using it.

Evolving Gradle build from Ant build: Importing Ant build files

You might be familiar with Groovy's AntBuilder, which you can use to call Ant tasks and run Ant targets. But have you tried Gradle's built in DefaultAntBuilder?

Initial Peek at Java EE 6 Cookbook for Securing, Tuning, and Extending Enterprise Applications

Packt Publishing recently invited me to review Mick Knutson 's ( @mickknutson ) book Java EE 6 Cookbook for Securing, Tuning, and Extending Enterprise Applications .

Dozer: Mapping JAXB Objects to Business/Domain Objects

Dozer is an open source ( Apache 2 license ) "Java Bean to Java Bean mapper that recursively copies data from one object to another." As this description from its main web page states, it is used to map two JavaBeans instances for...

More Common Red Flags in Java Development

In the post Common Red Flags in Java Development I looked at some practices that are not necessarily wrong or incorrect in and of themselves, but can be indicative of potentially greater problems.

Uncompressing 7-Zip Files with Groovy and 7-Zip-JBinding

This post demonstrates a Groovy script for uncompressing files with the 7-Zip archive format. The two primary objectives of this post are to demonstrate uncompressing 7-Zip files with Groovy and the handy 7-Zip-JBinding and to call...

Book Review: Developing RESTful Services with JAX-RS 2.0, WebSockets, and JSON

I was particularly interested in accepting Packt Publishing 's offer to provide a book review of Masoud Kalali 's and Bhakti Mehta 's Developing RESTful Services with JAX-RS 2.0, WebSockets, and JSON because its title mentions three...

Book Review: Developing Windows Store Apps with HTML5 and JavaScript

I recently accepted Packt Publishing 's invitation to review Rami Sarieddine 's book Developing Windows Store Apps with HTML5 and JavaScript .

Native Java Packaging with NetBeans 7.4

One of the new features of NetBeans 7.4 that made the " NetBeans 74 NewAndNoteworthy " page is " Native Packaging ," which is described on that page as " JavaSE projects now support creation of native bundles taking use of the native...

Too Many Parameters in Java Methods, Part 8: Tooling

The first seven posts of my series of dealing with too many parameters expected in Java methods focused on alternative approaches to reduce the number of parameters a method or constructor expects. In this eighth post in the series, I...

Too Many Parameters in Java Methods, Part 7: Mutable State

In this seventh post of my series on addressing the issue of too many parameters in a Java method or constructor, I look at using state to reduce the need to pass parameters.

Too Many Parameters in Java Methods, Part 6: Method Returns

In the current series of posts I am writing on reducing the number of parameters required to call Java methods and constructors, I have focused so far on approaches that directly affect the parameters themselves ( custom types ,...

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