Gregor Roth

Software Architect

Gregor Roth works as a software architect at United Internet group, a leading European Internet Service Provider to which GMX, 1&1, and belong.

Machine learning with Python: An introduction

Machine learning for Java developers

Machine learning for Java developers

Set up a machine learning algorithm and develop your first prediction function in Java, then get started with Weka.

HTTP/2: A jump-start for Java developers

HTTP/2: A jump-start for Java developers

Get tips for leveraging HTTP/2 features like server push, streaming, multiplexing, and header compression to boost the latency of your Java web applications.

Stability patterns applied in a RESTful architecture

Learn how stability patterns anticipate the hot-spots of distributed network behavior, then see five patterns applied to RESTful transactions in Jersey and RESTEasy.

Server load balancing architectures, Part 2: Application-level load balancing

Gregor Roth concludes his two-part introduction to server load balancing architectures with a look at a variety of application-level solutions.

Server load balancing architectures, Part 1: Transport-level load balancing

Gregor Roth introduces server load balancing basics and discusses the pros and cons of transport-level versus application-level solutions.

Asynchronous HTTP Comet architectures

There's a lot more to asynchronous, non-blocking HTTP than Comet. Get an overview of the programming techniques and servlet container extensions that are breathing new life into HTTP on the server side, with or without the support of...

Scripting on the Java platform

Learn what differentiates dynamic languages like Groovy, Jython, and JRuby from Java, then find out what happens under the hood when you start using scripting languages and techniques for faster programming on the Java platform.

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