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JVM, JDK, JRE: What's the difference?

Complex HTML tables made easy with Apache Velocity: Table 6

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Java Tips Author Guidelines

These guidelines will help you create valuable Java Tips for submission to JavaWorld magazine. Please read them carefully and be sure your tip incorporates the necessary elements prior to submitting it.

JavaOne 2006 Product News (May 29, 2006)

INDEXHEAD: Introscope 7 now shipping

JavaOne to showcase easier development tools

May 15, 2006—Sun's JavaOne conference this week is expected to highlight the vendor's growing embrace of open source, as well as its move to make Java-based applications easier to deploy and integrate with legacy systems.

Java Product News (updated March 27, 2006)

INDEXHEAD: Instantiations introduces Java desktop development tool

Java Product News (updated February 13, 2006)

INDEXHEAD: ISM updates Predictive Suite

DevSquare user guide

For various reasons, Java Fun and Games does not present its applets online. Instead, you must download and compile applet source code, and run the resulting applets on your platform.Recently, JavaWorld has made arrangements with...

JAVAONE: JavaOne spotlights security

June 27, 2005—Sun will use its JavaOne conference this week to talk about advancements to Java that make the programming language a more secure and manageable foundation for Web services.

Java Product News (updated July 25, 2005)

INDEXHEAD: Parasoft adds Test Case Sniffer to JTest

Java Product News (updated May 23, 2005)

INDEXHEAD: Zero G updates InstallAnywhere

Java Product News (updated April 25, 2005)

INDEXHEAD: IBM unveils self-managing autonomic technology

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