Joab Jackson

U.S. Correspondent

Joab Jackson covers enterprise software and general technology breaking news for the IDG News Service, and is based in New York.

Google shares code to help server software digest HTTP/2

Google's open sourced gRPC framework handles remote procedure calls and is based on the new Web transmission standard, HTTP/2.

Pivotal packages a lighter Java Web application stack

Pivotal App Suite is a lighter weight Java EE stack that takes the headache out of open source licensing while streamlining cloud migration.

Web acceleration protocol nears completion

The HTTP/2 protocol will speed Web delivery for real-time multimedia apps, though critics fear that it could lock out WebSockets and other Web semantics.

Python bumps off Java as top learning language

Python's simpler syntax and ability to scale up for enterprise development have made it the preferred language choice for learning to code.

Google engineer: We need more Web programming languages

Gilad Bracha, co-author of Google's Dart, showcased Elm, Lively, and other lesser known Web programming languages at QCon, saying that Web apps must be able to compete with native ones.

Amazon Web Services now offers R on demand

Amazon now offers a hosted version of the Revolution Analytics R distribution, used for big data analysis, for an hourly fee.

Red Hat brings SOA to the cloud

Red Hat's JBoss Fuse Service Works 6 implements SOA best practices to automate some aspects of enterprise application integration.

GitHub cranks delivery speeds, adds analytics

GitHub has added bandwidth for project home pages and introduced analytics to measure the Web traffic generated by each project.

Biologically inspired: How neural networks are finally maturing

Computers can't yet think for themselves, but innovations in neural networks allow them to sift through vast amounts of data and draw basic conclusions without the help of human operators.

Hadoop gets native R programming for big data analysis

Revolution R Enterprise has released a plug-in for running R analytics on Hadoopo data sets.

JetBrains builds on Google Android collaboration for new IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA 13 has improved support for the Java Spring framework.

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