Jon Udell

Jon Udell is a freelance technology journalist, open source developer, and former "blogger in chief" for InfoWorld.

Break the tyranny of native mobile apps

GitHub for the rest of us

GitHub for the rest of us

Git enabled programmers to coordinate distributed work across teams -- now GitHub is making complex collaboration work for non-programmers too.


Literate programming is now a team sport

A program is a story told in two languages: code and prose. On GitHub, countless stories of countless programs are being told every day.

TypeScript: Industrial-strength JavaScript

TypeScript: Industrial-strength JavaScript

Like it or not, JavaScript is the language of the Web, but it's tough to manage for enterprise-scale development. TypeScript offers an attractive alternative.

Java generates jingles in Sun's pockets

Jonathan Schwartz, Sun Microsystems' new CEO, has promised to soon reveal the mystery of how much money his company gets from Java.

Conventional software vs. software as a service

September 5, 2005—When Peter Yared, CEO and founder of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and Perl/PHP/Python) middleware startup ActiveGrid, realized he needed project management software to coordinate his company's development work, he...

Eclipse casts shadows

The IBM-led Eclipse open source tools framework avoids Java's Swing libraries in favor of its own Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT), which works especially well in Windows environments. Eclipse also directly challenges Sun Microsystems'...

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