Add persistence and peer-to-peer computing to Java applets hosted by Netscape 3.0.1

Imagine this: You're surfing the Web. You stop by your personalized news service and you read about some stocks that you just have to purchase. You head on over to your online brokerage firm, and then stop by your bank's site so you...


Monitor your Web server in real time, part 3

This article demonstrates how Java can be used to monitor and display information about realtime events in an easy to understand manner. The example used in this article is a Web server, but the programming techniques can be applied...


Bandwidth hunger

Cable modems may be the ticket for delivering high Internet bandwidth to consumers' homes.


Java in embedded systems

An interview with Bernard Mushinsky and David Ripps of IPI reveals Java's future in embedded systems. And it doesn't look too shabby. (2,300 words)


Monitor your Web server in realtime, Part 2

This is the second installment on building a Web server performance-monitoring tool in Java. In this article we'll cover how to send a mail message directly from an applet to a MIME- capable mail reader, how to store data samples in a...


Monitor your Web server in real time, Part 1

In this first installment of a three-part series, we'll take a look at the basic form of an applet that will (eventually) monitor a Web server's performance in real time. Later parts will flesh out the concepts introduced here and...


Tin cans and string

This month's article will attempt to get you started on some of the more powerful communication classes in Java. We will go through four examples demonstrating how to use Java to extend traditional Web applications and how to use Java...


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