Coding conventions: 9 areas where developers actually agree

Millions of GitHub commits don't lie: find out how your coding habits and pet peeves stack up based on real code written in Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, Scala, C#, and JavaScript.


Everything about Java 8

Back in September 2013, developer M. Hixson took the JDK 8 Developer Preview for a test drive. His commentary about important changes coming in Java 8 is still worth a read.


Uses and limitations of the Stream API in Java 8

The Stream API is one of the more noteworthy additions coming in Java 8. Get a short demo of Stream's impact on your everyday for-loop, then consider some of the features you might yet wish it had.


Does your pay measure up? The 2014 tech salary guide

Wondering how your salary measures up? Get the results -- just in -- from the Robert Half Technology 2014 IT Salary Guide.


Fixing the Java memory model

With the recent announcement of JEP 188: Java Memory Model Update, now seems like a good time to brush up on what you know about the JMM.


Horizontal reuse: An alternative to inheritance

Horizontal reuse offers advantages over inheritance in many situations, but not in every language.


Why Silicon Valley can’t find Europe

Europe isn’t just irrelevant among the tech industry power-set, it's virtually off the map. And that is a mistake.


What's the best programming language to learn first?

Your first programming language should teach you basic programming concepts (namely, OOP) and make it easier to learn other languages later on -- and yes, Java is definitely a contender.


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