Third-party products that extend the Java language or migrate legacy source code to Java (resulting in software that is part Java and part non-Java) contribute to Java's evolution—or Javalution (my terminology). This installment of...


Simulate fuzzy phenomena with particle systems

Computer graphics relies on polygon-based techniques to model and render classical geometry (cubes, cones, and other solids). The geometry of natural phenomena, such as fire, requires a different technique—particle systems. This Java...


Capture the screen

This Java Fun And Games installment presents a utility for capturing the primary screen device's contents via Java's Robot class, and saving either the entire screen capture or a selected portion of that screen capture to a jpeg file....


Square off

It's about time that Java Fun and Games introduced you to a computer game. In this installment, Jeff Friesen presents his Java-based game called Squares. Note: You can now build and run the applets presented in Java Fun and Games...


Travel through time with Java

Time travel fascinates many people. You do not need a wormhole (or some other exotic device) to travel through time. This unusual installment of Java Fun and Games presents a simple computer-based technique for accomplishing time...


Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

The holiday season has arrived. This Java Fun and Games installment celebrates the season by presenting an applet that animates a gentle snowfall while playing a Christmas classic, "Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!" It...


The knight's tour

Chess provides many interesting diversions that aren't related to playing that game. One of those diversions is the knight's tour. This installment of Java Fun and Games introduces you to the knight's tour and then presents an applet...


Add music to your games with Javano

If you have ever wanted to create your own music editor for composing computer-game music, this Java Fun and Games installment may be of some help. It presents a simple Java applet—Javano—that can serve as the basis for that music...


Add spice to your splash screen with animation

No doubt about it, animation is neat—what programmer hasn't thought about creating his own game? You can satisfy your creative streak by adding a little animation to your splash screen to grab your users' attentions as soon as they...



Tube-based kaleidoscopes enchant people through the symmetric and colorful designs that are revealed as their tubes rotate. Many computer programs, including Java applets, have been created to reveal this symmetry. After identifying...


Checker dragging

Creating a checkers game presents many challenges. This installment of Java Fun and Games focuses on the challenge of dragging a checker around a checkerboard. It emphasizes the elimination of screen flicker.


Let the games begin

Over the years, I've had a lot of fun with Java. Java Fun and Games is a new column that shares some of the pleasure I've experienced while playing with this technology. This first installment prepares you for a journey into my world...


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