Practice makes perfect

In Michael Daconta's final column, he explores one pitfall he stumbled on while porting an Extensible User Interface Language (XUL) game to Java and two pitfalls sent to him by readers.


An API's looks can be deceiving

When you examine an API, your first impressions are often wrong. In this Java Traps column, Michael Daconta examines two cases where an intuitive model of how an API should work trips over the complexity of implementation details....


Dodge the traps hiding in the URLConnection class

This month in Java Traps, Michael Daconta discusses one major pitfall and one minor one. Originating from the package, Pitfall 5 focuses on problems with posting to an HTTP URL. In Daconta's discussion of Pitfall 6, he visits...


When Runtime.exec() won't

In this installment of Java Traps, Michael Daconta discusses one new pitfall and revisits another from his previous column. Originating in the java.lang package, the pitfall specifically involves problems with the Runtime.exec()...


Steer clear of Java pitfalls

Avoiding Java programming problems can save you considerable time and frustration when developing programs. This month we debut a new column to help you work around these problems. Every other month in Java Traps, Michael Daconta will...


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