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Most JavaScripters have the wits and creativity to write almost any program they can imagine. However, wits and creativity can only get you so far. Unfortunately, many JavaScript writers know where they want to go, but they just don't...


Create reusable routines in JavaScript

Most JavaScript programs are constructed using common building blocks, or routines. Routines can be encapsulated into self-contained functions that are then cut and pasted between JavaScript programs. As you develop in JavaScript, you...


Take advantage of user-defined variables in JavaScript

As with all programming languages, JavaScript relies heavily on user-defined variables. But unlike many languages -- including Java -- JavaScript's system of variables is simplified, so that even users with minimal programming...


Understanding and using JavaScript statements

Commands, constructs, statements -- whatever the term -- these are the real workhorses of any programming language. JavaScript supports a small collection of statements, including the usual if, while, and for, that you use to build...


Frequently sought solutions

As any service station attendant will tell you, people always ask the same questions: "Where's the bathroom?" "How do I get onto the interstate?" It's no different when working with programming languages. Most questions asked about...


Netscape introduces new 'privacy' bug

Often it's the smaller, gopher-sized holes that escape the attention of the paid hackers and Netscape's security team. But these can be just as dangerous as the gaping bear pits you read about here and in the newspapers. For example,...


New JavaScript features in Navigator 3.0

Change is inevitable. And on the Internet that change comes quickly. Netscape has released version 3.0 of its phenomenally popular Navigator browser software, and with this new version comes changes in the way JavaScript works. In...


'Personalized JavaScript': User-defined functions, objects, and methods

The power of any programming language depends on the extent to which you can modify it for your own needs. The more you are limited to using just the built-in commands and processes, the more you are limited in what you can do with...


Using JavaScript and graphics

Graphics lend a multimedia edge to HTML documents. JavaScript extends the features of graphics in HTML pages by making image selection and appearance dynamic. With just a moderate amount of JavaScript coding, it's possible to...


Is JavaScript here to stay?

JavaScript is at a crossroads. Though less than a year old, JavaScript is already feeling growing pains as it strives to keep up with the fast pace of new versions of Netscape Navigator. A number of unresolved issues remain, and if...


Bending over backward to make JavaScript work on 14 platforms

JW: How long have you been on the Navigator 2.0 project?


Beginner's JavaScript

JavaScript provides the means to perform useful, simple tasks to improve the style of your Web site. This is the first in a series of columns on JavaScript. For now we'll assume we're all beginners and progress toward programmer level....


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