Progress on the JMF and Java Media APIs

JavaWorld last detailed the Java Media Framework in April 1997, and much has changed since then. Bill discusses the final 1.0 API, an all-Java implementation, and the early access version of the 2.0 API from Sun and IBM. He also...


3D graphics programming in Java, Part 3: OpenGL

The Magician Java-OpenGL binding, front-runner in the cross-platform Java binding-for-OpenGL standardization race, recently has been withdrawn from the market. Read about other choices on the market, and about the respective strengths...


3D graphics programming in Java: Part 2, Advanced Java 3D

Last month, Bill introduced you to the basic concepts of Java 3D programming. This month, he delves deeper into the API, performance optimizations, reuse of 3D content, and interoperability with VRML. Plus: Find Bill's answers to a...


3D graphics programming in Java, Part 1: Java 3D

Java 3D is near final release and has already created quite a stir in the Java graphics community. This month, Bill takes an in-depth look at the API and Sun's implementation. He shows you how to get started with the technology, what...


Progress on the media front at Siggraph '98

Java Media's presence at this year's Siggraph '98 computer graphics conference was more subdued than it was at Siggraph '97. Is this a sign of the maturity of Media APIs, or a sign of immaturity in their implementation? (2,100 words)


Image processing with Java 2D

Bill Day and guest contributor Jonathan Knudsen describe the image processing classes in Java 2D. You'll learn how to blur, sharpen, invert, and posterize images. (2,900 words)


Antialiasing, images, and alpha compositing in Java 2D

In this second installment on Java 2D, you'll learn how to enable high-quality graphics using antialiased rendering. Bill also discusses using text strings as clipping shapes, and the new image features in Java 2D -- including support...


Getting started with Java 2D

Bill Day begins his technical discussion of the Media and Communication APIs by looking at a core part of the Java 1.2 environment, the Java 2D API. Read this month's column to learn how to draw curves, perform 2D transformations,...


Introduction to Java media programming

In this first installment of the Media Programming column, author Bill Day introduces the Java Media and Communication APIs. Day also discusses the major issues facing potential Java Media developers and supplies a roadmap for...


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