Mastering Spring framework 5, Part 2: Spring WebFlux

Mastering Spring framework 5, Part 2: Spring WebFlux

Build reactive web applications using Spring WebFlux annotations and functional programming techniques


Mastering Spring framework 5, Part 1: Spring MVC

Mastering Spring framework 5, Part 1: Spring MVC

If you like the Spring framework, you'll want to explore Spring MVC 5 for Java web development. This tutorial shows you how to fast-track Spring-based development with Spring MVC 5, Spring Boot, and Spring Initializr.


Big data analytics with Neo4j and Java, Part 2

Big data analytics with Neo4j and Java, Part 2

The tricky part of Neo4j is learning to work with its Cypher Query Language, which requires thinking graphically. Once you've got that down, writing a Java application that integrates with your Neo4j data store is easy.


Big data analytics with Neo4j and Java, Part 1

Big data analytics with Neo4j and Java, Part 1

Graph databases like Neo4j are ideal for modeling complex relationships between collections of users--and they move through big data at lightspeed. This tutorial gets you started with graph databases and analytics in Java.


Serverless computing with AWS Lambda, Part 2

Serverless computing with AWS Lambda, Part 2

Integrate your AWS Lambda backend with a DynamoDB datastore, then use the AWS SDK to invoke Lambda functions from a Java client


Serverless computing with AWS Lambda, Part 1

Serverless computing with AWS Lambda, Part 1

Serverless computing is no magic carpet, but how does it really work? Get an overview of AWS Lambda's nanoservices architecture and execution model, then build your first Lambda function in Java


Continuous integration with Jenkins

Continuous integration with Jenkins

Setup a continuous integration process to build and test a Java web app with Jenkins


Clustering with Docker Swarm

Find out why clustering is an important technique for working with Docker containers, then develop a two-node enterprise cluster with Docker Swarm


Open source Java projects: Apache Phoenix

If you have strong SQL programming skills and would like to be able to use them with a powerful NoSQL database, Phoenix could be the database you've been looking for!


Open source Java projects: Docker

Set up and deploy a Java application to Docker, then integrate a Docker container into your Maven build process for easier testing and automated production builds.


Open source Java projects: Apache Spark

Set up and use Spark to analyze data contained in Hadoop, Splunk, files on a file system, local databases, and more.


Open source Java projects: Spring Batch

Spring Batch manages the batch processing scenarios that developers dread. In this tutorial, learn how to configure Spring Batch to read data in CSV format, process the data in any number of files, and write the results to a MySQL...


Open source Java projects: Spring Integration

Use Spring Integration to develop a robust message-passing architecture that integrates and coordinates enterprise components across an ActiveMQ message bus via JMS.


Open source Java projects: Spring Data

Find out how Spring Data lets you leverage the specialized features of NoSQL repositories like MongoDB, Neo4J, and Redis using the Spring framework coding conventions that you already know.


Open source Java projects: Vert.x

With the release of Vert.x 2.0, now is the perfect time to learn about this JVM-based distributed application framework that was inspired by Node.js, but built to leverage the Java platform APIs.


Open source Java projects: Akka

This installment of Open source Java projects showcases Akka, a JVM-based toolkit and runtime that implements the actor model as message-passing paradigm. Start with a simple example, then work through a more complex program using...


Open source Java projects: Storm

Find out why Storm could be the next big thing in distributed data processing, building on the lessons and success of Hadoop to deliver massive amounts of data instantaneously, in realtime.


Open source Java projects: GitHub

If you've been curious about GitHub then this short tutorial is for you. Get an overview of the source code repository that has changed the way that many developers work, both individually and collaboratively. Then try GitHub for...


Open source Java projects: JFXtras

Jeff Friesen shows you how Stephen Chin's JFXtras project fills the gaps in JavaFX, with dialog boxes, layouts, a unit-testing framework, and asynchronous thread support.


Open source Java projects: Terracotta

Get a primer on clustering, including its typical failure points in serialization and redundancy. Then find out how Terracotta overcomes these challenges in JavaWorld's hands-on introduction to enterprise clustering with Terracotta. ...


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