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New Lambda features show Amazon is serious about serverless computing

Improvements to AWS Lambda ease development pains and could help defray worries about Lambda lock-in

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Report: Linux, NoSQL, Nginx set foundation for AWS app dominance

Sumo Logic research shows its customers favor AWS for building their apps, Redis for storing data, and Nginx for serving it all up


Serverless Framework takes the pain out of AWS Lambda deployment

Formerly known as Jaws, the Serverless Framework debuts its first full point release to simplify deploying apps to AWS Lambda -- and eventually to other services of its kind

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Review: AWS Lambda redefines 'on demand'

Amazon’s simple, scalable compute service runs your functions whenever needed, but is limited to Java, Python, and Node.js

Ellison says IBM and SAP no longer Oracle's main rivals

After several years of focusing on rewriting Java middleware, Oracle is ready to bring its 'enormous suite' to the cloud, says Ellison.

Amazon offers mobile developers cross-platform push notifications

Mobile app developers can send as many as 1 million push notifications each month for free.

CIOs like big data, just not in the cloud

Although cloud providers like Amazon are linking big data with the public cloud, enterprises rightfully don't see it that way -- not yet.

The hard truth of metered license pricing in the cloud

Oracle on Amazon RDS sheds light on the kinds of premiums IT should expect to pay for per-use licensing flexibility in the cloud.

Amazon comes clean about the great cloud outage

Amazon's dished the dirt about the great cloud outage, and it's down to human error and software bugs. Will Amazon recover?

Popular websites crippled by hours-long Amazon cloud service outage

Reddit, Foursquare, and other Web apps/services hit by outage, raising questions about Amazon's backup and disaster recovery plans.

The cloud according to CloudBees

The notion of the cloud has certainly evolved from some abstract definition of shared resources into a model whereby infrastructures have differentiated themselves from platforms. That is, while one might group Amazon and Google into...

SQL for the NoSQL

But there is one slight issue with NoSQL. You can’t use SQL .

High performance SimpleDB

Sid Anand , who writes the Practical Cloud Computing blog , has a series of posts entitled “SimpleDB Essentials for High Performance Users” in which he outlines a set of best practices and conventions for effectively leveraging...

Leveraging JPA with Amazon’s SimpleDB

Modeling domain objects for almost any type of application is a breeze using a relational framework like Grails , but what about SimpleDB ? This article published by IBM DeveloperWorks entitled “Cloud storage with Amazon’s SimpleDB,...

In the clouds with Amazon’s SimpleDB

As part of the Amazon Web Services family, Amazon’s SimpleDB is a massively scalable and reliable key/value datastore, which is exposed via a web interface and can be accessed using any language you’d like — from Java to Ruby to Perl...

ESDC 2010 resources

I recently had the opportunity to present four different talks at the Enterprise Software Development Conference (or ESDC) in San Mateo, California. In an effort to provide additional data points and information, I created individual...

Forrester’s outlook for 2010: less fat, more meat

SDTimes recently published an article entitled “ Five changes for application development in 2010 ” in which they reference a newly released Forrester report .

Development 2.0 concepts at ESDC

In March, I’ll have the distinct pleasure of joining a number of hip friends in speaking at the Enterprise Software Development Conference (or ESDC) in San Mateo, California.

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