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Apache Beam wants to be uber-API for big data

New, useful Apache big data projects seem to arrive daily. Rather than relearn your way every time, what if you could go through a unified API?

Developers: APIs are crucial to business, but tough to get right

A survey of API developers claims security, customer satisfaction, and speed of deployment are among the biggest challenges

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Oracle proposal clarifies Java API deprecations

JDK Enhancement Proposal 227 would offer better information on deprecation and log the usage of deprecated APIs.

Linux Foundation throws its weight behind open APIs

With the Open API Initiative, the Linux Foundation and its partners -- including IBM -- plan to make the next generation of APIs easier to find, use, document, and transform

The risks and rewards of the age of APIs

As connected systems become the norm, developers are finding APIs more than plentiful. The issue is choosing an appropriate, high quality API among thousands of options.

The time for NoSQL standards is now

Like Larry Ellison's yacht, the RDBMS is sailing into the sunset. But if NoSQL is to take its place, a standard query language and APIs must emerge soon

Oracle loses Android API copyright suit against Google

Judge rules that the APIs are not copyrightable, eviscerating Oracle's main claim.

Google JavaScript library offers access to APIs

Developers can access Web APIs and Google's public APIs through client library

Rails on the move in 2009

Rails 2.3, due later this month, will feature performance optimization and memory savings. Rails 3, due later in 2009, will integrate Merb's defined API, modularity, and performance enhancements. InfoWorld's Paul Krill reports.

Year in Review: What to expect in Java SE 7

Java SE 7 has started coming into focus in the past year, even up to recent announcements about Sun's intention to modularize the JDK. Java 7 maven Alex Miller looks back on the developments of 2008 to tell us what features to expect,...

Hello, OSGi, Part 3: Take it to the server side

Develop and deploy your first OSGi Web application using your Eclipse IDE, Server-Side Equinox, Jetty, and Tomcat. This article concludes the 'Hello, OSGi' series by introducing OSGi on the server side.

Hello, OSGi, Part 2: Introduction to Spring Dynamic Modules

With Spring Dynamic Modules you can write Spring-based service-oriented applications that run inside an OSGi container.

Open source Java projects: The Wizard API

Building a Swing-based wizard from scratch is no easy magic -- so why do it? Instead, try Tim Boudreau's Wizard API, which you can use to guide users through desktop application installation and setup with style.

The Preferences API

The author of this tip is John Zukowski, president and principal consultant of JZ Ventures, Inc. The Preferences API was first covered here shortly after it was introduced with the 1.4 version of the standard platform: the July 15,...

Java desktop development with Qt Jambi

Take a walk on the client side with Qt Jambi -- an alternative to Swing and Java 2D for developing rich, cross-platform desktop-application interfaces.

Simplify directory access with Spring LDAP

Why spend all your time handling checked exceptions, closing resources, and looping through NamingEnumerations when you don't have to? The Spring LDAP framework puts the 'l' (for lightweight) back into LDAP programming with JNDI.

Update: Java FTP libraries benchmarked

FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is the third most popular protocol over the Internet, right after HTTP (for Web browsing), and SMTP (for sending email). However, FTP is only partially supported in the JDK; complete support must be...

Use search engine technology for object persistence

In this article, Mikhail Garber looks at how to address an old problem—provide simple persistence to basic JavaBeans—with a new twist. He shows you how to achieve this goal without the complexity of a full-blown database- or...

Get ready for advanced multimedia on your Java mobile platform

Released to the public in draft form in April, the Advanced Multimedia Supplements Specification aims to provide a mobile platform with rich audio and video capabilities. Developers will be able to program to an API allowing them...

Overcome J2SE 1.3-1.4 incompatibilities

Implementing one of Java's many APIs can be hard work. You must often implement numerous interdependent interfaces. Demand for new features drives the creation of updated Java APIs, and vendors must constantly upgrade their...

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