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Big data showdown: Cassandra vs. HBase

Bigtable-inspired open source projects take different routes to the highly scalable, highly flexible, distributed, wide column data store.

What's new in Logstash and why you should care

Part of Elasticsearch Inc.'s search and analytics platform, Logstash stands out for its speed, ease of use, and integration with complementary search and reporting tools.

big data

New Relic debuts Splunk-style analytics for software

New Relic Insights allows developers to harvest real-time statistics about running apps and crunch the results in its cloud.

Why use Node.js?

Where Node.js really shines is in building fast, scalable network applications, as it’s capable of handling a huge number of simultaneous connections with high throughput, which equates to high scalability.

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PayPal and Netflix cozy up to Node.js

The server-side JavaScript platform is popular with developers for its relatively low learning curve, high productivity, and stable performance. Recent adoptions suggest that some of tech's top executives are buying in, too.

Ultimate cloud speed tests: Amazon vs. Google vs. Windows Azure

A diverse set of real-world Java benchmarks shows that Google is fastest, Azure is slowest, and Amazon is priciest.

Java memory model takes small step toward modernization

Authored by Doug Lea, JDK Enhancement Proposal 188 would update the Java Memory Model for concurrency support on multicore processors.

Go Google Go! A language on full throttle

Java frameworks still rule the roost, but Go and Facebook's new HHVM PHP environment are gaining fast.

Troubleshooting Java enterprise application performance

This article addresses frequently occurring issues that can snowball into performance bottlenecks in enterprise Java applications. Based on a sample Java web services application, the authors focus on real-world techniques to catch...

Can TomEE save Java EE?

David Blevins of the Apache TomEE project believes there's life left in the Java EE programming model -- and that his souped-up Tomcat enterprise application server proves it.

JVM performance optimization, Part 3: Garbage collection

Fragmentation is the issue for Java application performance, and you can't quite performance-tune your way around that. Find out how generational garbage collection and compaction keep your JVM humming like it should.

JVM performance optimization, Part 2: Compilers

Start with an overview of the different types of Java compiler and the pros and cons of each one for your Java applications, then learn about common JVM optimizations such as dead-code elimination, inlining, and loop optimization.

Book Review: Java EE 6 Cookbook for Securing, Tuning, and Extending Enterprise Applications

As I described in an earlier post, Packt Publishing invited me to review the book Java EE 6 Cookbook for Securing, Tuning, and Extending Enterprise Applications . In this post, I provide a review of the strengths and weaknesses of...

Red Hat Arquillian app testing technology coming next month

The Java test harness, which simplifies integration testing, is expected to be included in JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.

Enterprise software getting more mobile

A new survey finds that 73 percent of developers plan to extend enterprise applications to mobile devices in the next year.

REST for Java developers, Part 4: The future is RESTful

Find out why REST interfaces are foundational for emerging architectures such as the Semantic Web. Brian Sletten takes a big-picture view of REST, now and in the future, in this final article in his series.

REST for Java developers, Part 3: NetKernel

Transitioning from an object-oriented to a resource-oriented perspective means letting go of your ideas about how things should work. Give it a try with this introduction to NetKernel: a URI-based microkernel environment that relaxes...

REST for Java developers, Part 1: It's about the information, stupid

Learn how REST's information-driven approach to building Web services can satisfy your users and make your development projects easier.

The power of Office as a front-end

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Bruce Wilson, a principal with iLink, and we had a pleasant conversation about enterprise applications and trends and such. Last week, in the middle of my trip to Prague and Zurich , he sent me a...

Realistically real-time

Javolution creator Jean-Marie Dautelle benchmarks various methods to reduce the worst-case execution time of Java applications.

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