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Oracle and ARM to tweak Java

Oracle, ARM collaboration aims to improve the throughput and scalability of Java applications on ARM multicore systems.

Java 8 on ARM: Oracle's new shot against Android?

The preview Java 8 release for ARM also supports the little-adopted JavaFX on the very popular mobile chip.

Understanding the closures debate

Does Java need closures? The question might seem best left to Java theorists, but the final decision could redefine the way you work in Java code. Learn what you need to know about the three proposals for closures in Java 7 and how...

Java Product News (October 27, 2000)

Julie Salzmann delivers 12 informative company announcements and product briefs, including: Intuitive Systems updates Optimizeit; Zucotto's WHITEboard SDK drives device development; Attunity Connect adds XML and Java capabilities; IBM...

Learn how to extend the AWT with your own image buttons

These days, just about every popular software application uses icons in some form -- typically in toolbars and palettes. Given this quasi standard, you would think that the AWT would include a button component that could readily...

JavaSoft to sell JavaOS for ARM processors

Boston (February 12, 1997) -- The JavaOS will now be available for the ARM architecture directly from Sun Microsystems Inc.'s JavaSoft, company officials announced yesterday.

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