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Firefox, Chrome strengthen in-browser debugging

Web developers find debugging web apps in the browser is getting easier, as Mozilla Firefox offers more customization control and Google Chrome introduces an in-browser code editor.

What JavaScript's inventor really thinks about Google Dart

Brendan Eich says that Google's language is not likely to get browser support and that browsers probably would not be extended to support native code.

Tracking session expiration in browser

So, there is that complex heterogeneous web application, with AJAX parts done both manually and by frameworks, multiple pop-up windows, etc. A big respectable client approaches you with a requirement to invalidate, close, or do some...

Will Chrome render Windows obsolete?

Google Inc.'s unveiling Monday of a new browser is not about the browser, say some industry analysts -- it's a key weapon in the company's effort to kill Windows.

Java is legally part of the Internet (in the UK, anyway)

From its earliest beginnings, Java was supposed to be the language that Sun would use to become an integral part of the Internet. And it did end up working that way -- though in the end, Java turned out to be the language that did...

Are applets making a comeback?

Sun is pushing hard for renewal on the client-side with Java SE 6u10, JavaFX Script, and JMC. Are applets ready for a comeback, too? Chet Haase, Cay Horstmann, John Zukowski, Ted Neward, Romain Guy, Jim Weaver, and Danny Coward share...

The new applet experience

Jeff Friesen puts the newer, faster applet to the test using JavaFX Script and key features of Java SE 6u10.

Rich Web technologies up for debate

What'll it be: Ajax, Flex, Silverlight, or JavaFX? Web developer tug-o'-war continues at the Rich Web Experience conference in San Jose, CA.

Java Kernel plan proceeds

The kernel formerly known as Java Browser Edition is planned for release in early 2008.

Applets: Still essential to Java

Applets were supposed to revolutionize the Web, but their use has diminished significantly. What's the problem? And what will it take to make them successful? (1,650 words)

Sun investigates Java security flaw in Netscape browser

August 8, 2000 -- Sun Microsystems is investigating a security flaw that has popped up involving the use of Java in Netscape's Navigator browser.

Tip 80: Resize applets within browser frames

Many n-tier architectures deploy applets as a GUI frontend for applications. Frequently, the browser then acts as the applet's frame. This helps prevent the user from assuming that the browser window is a separate application and...

Java Tip 66: Control browsers from your Java application

With a little platform-specific Java code, you can easily use your system's default browser to display any URL. Instead of purchasing a Java HTML widget for a help system, just use this class to control Netscape or Internet Explorer...

Java Tip 53: So what browser is this, anyway?

The Java runtime environment your code runs in holds many secrets -- not the least of which is the name of the browser currently running your applet. Find out how to unlock the secrets of the runtime with this simple tip. (300 words)

Farewell to the thin client

In the last several years Web browsers have become ubiquitous. Most computers now are configured with at least one commercial browser and many have two or more. Browsers have become enhanced to the point that "browsing" no longer...

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