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Is devops killing the developer?

At many companies, 'devops' has been twisted to mean that developers get conscripted to do myriad non-development tasks.

Front-end ops gaining prominence in Web development

The desire for faster websites and shorter development time is driving efforts to improve front-end coding and application testing. New tools are part of the package.

GitHub Developer Program emphasizes integrations

The new GitHub Developer Program offers resources to work with the GitHub API, which includes features like project management, authentication, and the triggering of code-testing when committing code to GitHub.

Evolving Gradle build from Ant build: Importing Ant build files

You might be familiar with Groovy's AntBuilder, which you can use to call Ant tasks and run Ant targets. But have you tried Gradle's built in DefaultAntBuilder?

Programmers without TDD will be unemployable by 2022

Has TDD hit a tipping point? Maybe not yet, but soon. Agile developer Allan Kelly lays out the reasons why a new school of developers is about to learn to "test first."

Heroku deployments with Git branches

Single branch development in Git is easy, but makes it harder to hot-fix an instance of deployed code. Mapping multiple Git branches to a Heroku environment offers a quick and sturdy workaround.

Troubleshooting Java enterprise application performance

This article addresses frequently occurring issues that can snowball into performance bottlenecks in enterprise Java applications. Based on a sample Java web services application, the authors focus on real-world techniques to catch...

Web app coders: Clean up your act!

There's a lot you can automate and optimize about front-end workflow coding -- so why not do it? Get tips for automating your build, testing, and documentation processes, along with a listing of open source tools that can help.

Bitbucket vs. GitHub: Which project host has the most?

Point-for-point, GitHub and Bitbucket both have much to offer as source code hosting services. Find out what differentiates these projects and get tips for choosing the right respository for your code.

Review: Puppet Enterprise 3.0 pulls more strings

Version 3.0 of Puppet Labs' server configuration automation tool shines with speed boosts, orchestration improvements, and deeper support for Windows servers.

Why PaaS? Dev, test, staging, no waiting

Newer PaaS and cloud-ready NoSQL options are making PaaS a particularly cost effective option for dev, test, and staging, with room to grow on the production side.

First look: Android Studio eclipses Eclipse

Android mobile developers have reason to celebrate with Google's new Android development environment, which pairs rich layout and build capabilities with IntelliJ IDEA's famous ease.

Google positions Gradle as the build system of choice for Android

Friday's Google I/O presentation on the Android SDK build system featured the new Gradle plug-in, which Google now prefers to Ant.

Software engineers spend lots of time not building software

Administrative tasks, brainstorming, and waiting for tests combine to overtake the hours spent designing and coding.

Apache Foundation promotes development framework Bloodhound

Open source tool for collaborating on software development is now an official top-level project, having graduated from the foundation's product incubator.

Open source plug-in speeds mobile app development

Cloudbees and Soasta have announced the Soasta CloudTest Plugin for Jenkins, which aims to connect the dots between mobile and Jenkins CI for easier testing and deployment to the cloud.

With Spock, application testing is only logical

Howard M. Lewis Ship, creator of the Tapestry web application framework, says that developers have lots of excuses for not testing their applications, but resistance is counterproductive -- especially when given a testing framework as...

5 ways devops can help companies crank out better code faster

With the right tools and processes, as well as removal of cultural barriers, devops can deliver huge benefits to companies.

Make performance and scalability testing continuous ... or else

Bad developer habits die hard, but if you don't load test as you go, you're asking for a nasty surprise at the end of your project.

Why application development is better in the cloud

A recent survey found that cloud platforms reduce overall application development time by an average of 11.6 percent, but developers are finding that speed is just one advantage of programming in the cloud.

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