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Socket.IO JavaScript framework ready for real-time apps

The mobile and web development framework supports bidirectional, event-based communication and has an engine module to deal with browser incompatibilities.

Tools rush in: Developer options grow for Internet of things

As more devices come online, an ecosystem of tools and technologies to help developers link devices to the Net expands.

Java developers prefer JUnit, Jenkins, and Git

Survey also reveals two-thirds of Java developers are still using Java 7, and Scala topped the list of alternative JVM languages.

Oracle's surprise win in Java API case could make it harder for developers

The ruling that APIs can be copyrighted could make it a lot harder for developers to take advantage of APIs with a direct license.

Jumping JavaScript! Hands-on with the framework is due to hit open beta on May 19. Take a guided tour of this fast and flashy JavaScript framework that seeks to reinvent the Web.

Nashorn: JavaScript made great in Java 8

JavaScript on the JVM is better and faster but not always friendlier with Nashorn, the rebuilt JavaScript interpreter. Martin Heller takes the new Rhino's two command-line script runners for a test drive.

Sorry, JavaFX -- Java 8 won't help you matter

Java 8 aims to push JavaFX to the forefront of mobile and embedded development, with upgraded UI controls, an embedded graphics stack, and 3D graphics capabilities, but many developers and analysts are less than convinced.

Eclipse builds a bridge between desktop and cloud development

Project Flux will give developers an infrastructure for easily moving back and forth between desktops and the cloud.


Report: Half of all exploits target Java

Java's prevalence on devices and lax defenses make it a favorite target of malware developers.

Java 8 will likely strip out Stripped Implementations

With just over one month to Java 8's release, Java platform Chief Architect Mark Reinhold has proposed dropping Stripped Implementations in order to maintain backward compatibility.

Forrester: HTML5 apps still not as good as native apps

HTML5 is useful as one weapon in the mobile arsenal, but studies show that it's no silver bullet.

Java's security dilemma: Old, vulnerable versions won't go away

Because of application dependencies, many organizations have little choice but to stick with older versions of Java, despite the security risk they pose.

New API will simplify Google Drive integration with Android apps, says Google

Developers can now test drive a preview version of the Drive Android API, which is included in Play Services 4.1. The API is still under development.

Android heads to desktops as reliance on Internet grows

Lenovo, HP and Acer show Android all-in-ones, but the pure Android PC remains a work in progress.

Force-fit: Oracle hypes Java for the Internet of things

Oracle is heavily promoting Java for embedded systems, but some developers and managers say the incumbent C language is a better fit for the job.

Java's insecurity has doomed it on the desktop

October brings yet another round of Java security updates, most of them focused on client-side vulnerabilities.

Oracle: We're getting Java security under control

Most problems date back more than a decade and resulted from old versions of Java being run, a company official insists.

Advice to iOS 7 developers: Push your app further with new UI

Beta developers like the thrust of iOS 7 and see a platform that gives them a chance to refresh their value to users.

Oracle hitches Java to 'Internet of things'

Oracle is releasing a client Java runtime and toolkit for microcontrollers and resource-constrained devices, which the company hopes could help Java supplant C in embedded device development.

Oracle and ARM to tweak Java

Oracle, ARM collaboration aims to improve the throughput and scalability of Java applications on ARM multicore systems.

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