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Build an API to MongoDB -- fast

AnyPresence JustAPIs helps you create and deploy REST APIs on your database in minutes; simply follow these steps

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91% off Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate: SQL Server Certification Bundle - Deal Alert

Qualify for a Database Developer Position with Certified SQL Mastery.

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Redis plants the seeds for an open source ecosystem

Redis Modules help the caching and in-memory storage system work with new data structures and database behaviors

Oracle security update includes Java, MySQL, Oracle Database fixes

Several vulnerabilities in Oracle's quarterly patch release are considered critical and could be remotely exploited


Scalable, disaster-resistant CockroachDB enters public beta

As tough to take down as its namesake, CockroachDB combines high fault-tolerance, strong consistency, and horizontal scalability with familiar SQL syntax

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Lies your database is telling you

A wise person once said time is a device invented to keep everything from happening at once. Jonas Boner explains how the database world has abused time from the beginning

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10 more do's and don'ts for faster SQL queries

Follow these tried-and-true techniques to improving both the speed and concurrency of your dawdling database.

Which freaking database should I use?

In the era of big data, the good old RDBMS is no longer the right tool for many database jobs. Andrew Oliver offers a quick guide to choosing among NoSQL alternatives.

CouchDB for the relational

Baron Schwartz , the lead author of Oreilly’s “

Sqlphobia: The Irrational Fear of SQL

The Phobia List provides an exhaustive list of phobias. Although it is difficult for many of us to understand or relate with many of these phobias, some are all too easy or me to understand. For example, I fear that I suffer at least...

Favorite SQL*Plus Tips

Although there are many tools available that are far more user-friendly than SQL*Plus for manipulating and accessing Oracle database data, I still find myself occasionally using SQL*Plus when I need to do something with the database...

Favorite Oracle Data Dictionary Query Statements

I write a software development blog for a variety of reasons , not the least of which is as a "glorified bookmark" and easy reference to find things I need to look up quickly. This post is a good example of that because it provides me...

RMOUG: Beware Triggers and DBA Code of Ethics

The Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group ( RMOUG ) is well-known in the Oracle database administrator community.

Down the rabbits hole with neo4j (part 1)

While standing on one foot, I would say that the neo4j project is an implementation for an embedded java graph database. Unlike the traditional relation databases, the graph database has no table structure for storing its data....

Oracle-SpringSource: The opening salvo?

Ha ha, obviously Tuesday when I implied today was the end of Sun I was getting way ahead of myself.

IBM + Sun: How a merger would impact IT

Nine topics to consider regarding a potential IBM/Sun acquisition.

Embarcadero offers on-demand tools access

Embarcadero All-Access is a new license program targeting IT shops doing more with less. The program swaps tool suites for one-stop access to database and development tools for multiple platforms.

Custom schema generation with Hibernate annotations

Combine Hibernate annotations and a smart naming strategy to generate database schemas automatically -- and still keep your DBA happy.

TOTD #26: Overriding Database Defaults in Rails 2.0.2

A Rails 2.0.2 application configures SQLite3 database by default. This requires you to have SQLlite3 database running and also have the corresponding database adapter installed. Even this is part of the Leopard (Mac OS 10.5+)...

Sun to acquire MySQL for US$1 billion

Sun branches out in open source database market, but claims ongoing support for PostgreSQL and Java DB.

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