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The most popular IDEs? Visual Studio and Eclipse

Visual Studio and Eclipse top the PYPL popularity index of desktop IDEs, while Cloud9 and JSFiddle lead in the cloud

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Full-stack software for cutting-edge science

Find out how open source Java- and Python-based tools power the UK's national synchrotron

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Eclipse gets ready for Java 9 with Oxygen release train

The annual coordinated release covers 83 projects, including Linux Tools, PDT, Sirius, and EGit


Eclipse embraces Java microservices initiative

The MicroProfile effort to improve enterprise Java will continue at the open source tools organization

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Red Hat links Java to Microsoft's Visual Studio Code

An extension based on the Language Server Protocol offers developers expanded use of Microsoft's development tool

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Eclipse's annual release train focuses on JavaScript, PHP

This year's open source tooling package, called Neon, also gives nods to Docker and Android

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Eclipse Che launches the cloud IDE revolution

Che is a dynamically provisioned on-demand IDE that provides an open source alternative to the JetBrains IntelliJ Java IDE

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Eclipse's latest release train carries Docker, Java technologies

The Eclipse Foundation's annual bulk release features Docker tools and Java IDE improvements, including Quick Fixes for Java 8.

Ring out Eclipse, ring in Android Studio for Android apps? Not so fast, Eclipse says

While Eclipse tooling is described as less than ideal for Android development, Eclipse forges on with backing for the popular mobile platform.

Review: The big 4 Java IDEs compared

Find out how Eclipse, NetBeans, JDeveloper, and IntelliJ IDEA stack up today in capabilities and ease of use.

Eclipse shines light on cloud-based app dev

Eclipse Cloud Development initiative looks to host browser-based development tools in the cloud.

Eclipse Luna picks up Java 8, PHP, C/C++ support

Eclipse IDE's annual release adds Java 8 support, enhanced C/C++ and PHP tools, and support for the Paho platform.

Eclipse builds a bridge between desktop and cloud development

Project Flux will give developers an infrastructure for easily moving back and forth between desktops and the cloud.

Review: 10 JavaScript editors and IDEs put to the test

Get a feature-by-feature comparison of 10 editors and IDEs for programming in JavaScript and related tools like Node.js. Top marks go to NetBeans, Komodo IDE, Eclipse with JSDT, Visual Studio 2013, Sublime Text, and WebStorm.

Annual Eclipse 'release train' arrives with Java EE 7, BPM backing

This year Eclipse is unleashing dozens of open source tools and upgrades, including additional support for big data in BIRT 4.3.

Eclipse Xtend on JVM: Not as 'scary' as rival Scala

Co-architect Sebastian Zarnekow discusses's statically typed language, benefits of compiling to Java source.

Eclipse app developers moving to mobile

Android and iOS are the top target platforms for developers within Eclipse's open source community according to a recent survey report.

Eclipse readies browser-based IDE

Orion project adds JavaScript and HTML capabilities for Web app development

Microsoft boosts Java accommodations on Azure cloud

Windows Azure Plugin for Eclipse with Java helps Eclipse users build and configure deployment packages of their Java apps for Azure.

Eclipse's annual software release train arrives

The Indigo release train features work from 62 project teams and emphasizes Java and modeling

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