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Eclipse Foundation sees growing developer interest for cloud, mobile

Open source tools group survey gauges application development trends

Eclipse Foundation has much to lose in the Hudson saga

Could taking on Hudson leave the Eclipse Foundation holding the bag on a struggling project?

Oracle hands Hudson to Eclipse, but Jenkins fork seems permanent

Oracle's Hudson moves alienated the open source community, and those behind the fork say Oracle's latest move was also done without them.

Indigo rekindles Eclipse's Java relationship

Open source tools group says its upcoming release train, Indigo, is one of the best things it's done for Java developers in years.

Eclipse offers hosted access to Web dev tools effort

The Orion platform is intended to move development to the Web and features an editor and client-side architecture using HTML5.

Oracle IDE plans to nudge developers towards Oracle servers?

Continuing with our Java tooling theme, we come to a couple of developments from Oracle on IDEs. The higher-profile one is the release of the Oracle Enterprise Pack , a free set of plug-ins for Eclipse. There isn't anything terribly...

NetBeans? Eclipse? Oracle chooses both, for different people

Those of you who are eager to know which of the two main open source Java based IDEs Oracle would support -- NetBeans, which is a product Oracle has inherited from Sun, or Eclipse, which was originally created and still heavily backed...

Three's Company: Oracle and Three Java IDEs

Many of us have wondered if Oracle would contribute to and support three Java IDEs.

Oracle's Java road show continues

Oracle is sending its mid-to-upper-level folks out on a charm offensive to convince Java developers of their good intentions. Last week it was James Gosling at The ServerSide's confab; this week, at EclipseCon, a pair of VPs, Steve...

Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse

The Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse ( OEPE ) is described as a "certified set of Eclipse plug-ins is designed to help develop, deploy and debug applications for Oracle WebLogic Server." Although this is true, it offers much more...

Introduction to easyb video

The easyb team is pleased to announce the posting of a hip introductory video that demonstrates both specifications and stories in action. In this 8 and 1/2 minute video, you’ll learn that easyb enables you to express human readable...

Recent news from the easyb front

Since the 0.9.6 release of easyb , new members have joined the development team , a number of new features have been added, more than a few issues have been addressed, and the easyb community of projects continues to evolve! For those...

Groovy’s Gaelyk on an IBM podcast

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with IBM DeveloperWorks’ Scott Laningham regarding the Gaelyk framework . In this short conversation , I talk about how Gaelyk facilitates rapid development and deployment of Google App Engine...

Speaking Gaelyk is easy with the App Engine

The introduction of the Google App Engine for both Python and Java has resulted in various frameworks emerging that facilitate developing applications targeted for Google’s infrastructure.

EC2 is easier than you think

As I’ve written about before with respect to Development 2.0 , the future of application infrastructures is already here: it’s the cloud.

easyb now has an Eclipse plug-in!

The easyb team is excited to report that a hip Eclipse plug-in is in the works and an initial version is already available due to the copacetic work of both Darran White and Robert Hjertmann! The plug-in works with Eclipse 3.4 and 3.5...

You can borrow EC2 too

The aspects of Development 2.0 aren’t really new– but they are each increasingly becoming a reality for businesses across the board.

Hello Google App Engine

As I’ve written about before , open source solutions and borrowed infrastructures are changing the character of

Instant Google App Engine

Getting up and running on the App Engine couldn’t be any easier, man — in fact, Google even provides an Eclipse plug-in that handles just about everything for you! In order to get started though, you do need an App Engine account...

Oracle/Sun: The end of Java as we know it?

There's little doubt that Oracle will make money on Java, but the question for many in the Java developer community is how, and at what expense. SpringSource CEO Rod Johnson, Eclipse Foundation Executive Director Mike Milinkovich, and...

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