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Happy Birthday Java
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Java: The once and future king of Internet programming

Would you believe that Java is poised to dominate the next explosion of the Internet? Built for embedded computing and streamlined for real-time applications, here's why Java is the language for IoT.


Win with APIs by keeping it simple

Whether you’re making consumer products or business software, complexity usually means failure. Get a quick primer on simplicity in API design.

Java seeks stronghold in networking for Internet of things

The Kona Project, proposed this week, would define and implement Java APIs for networking technologies and protocols commonly used in IoT.

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Java ME 8 and the Internet of Things

For Java developers just getting started with embedded programming and IoT, this guide will orient you in Java ME's history and the new Java ME 8 and Java Embedded platforms.

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Oracle to developers: Let Java be your IoT platform

Oracle's emerging IoT platform features Java SE Embedded for embedded systems, and Java ME Embedded, which is optimized for small devices.

APIs will glue together the Internet of things

IoT isn't about what one device can do but what multiple devices, connected by a bridge of APIs, can do together.

Demand for software developers remains high

There's a huge demand for software development talent, both for core technologies like Java and .Net as well as in emerging tech areas like the Internet of Things and wearable tech.

Tools rush in: Developer options grow for Internet of things

As more devices come online, an ecosystem of tools and technologies to help developers link devices to the Net expands.

Sorry, JavaFX -- Java 8 won't help you matter

Java 8 aims to push JavaFX to the forefront of mobile and embedded development, with upgraded UI controls, an embedded graphics stack, and 3D graphics capabilities, but many developers and analysts are less than convinced.

Which vendors will be on target in the era of New IT

Major technology shifts centering on cloud computing, big data, and mobile and embedded application development are edging out some well established players in the IT field, creating opportunities for bold new ventures. Find out who's...

Java 8 will likely strip out Stripped Implementations

With just over one month to Java 8's release, Java platform Chief Architect Mark Reinhold has proposed dropping Stripped Implementations in order to maintain backward compatibility.

DIY Internet of things: The ultimate maker project

With sensors and microcontrollers as cheap as they are, the Internet of things is poised for support from the maker crowd.

Why Silicon Valley can’t find Europe

Europe isn’t just irrelevant among the tech industry power-set, it's virtually off the map. And that is a mistake.

Google, car companies to bring Android to cars

Google has announced a new partnership with several auto manufacturers under the Open Automotive Alliance, which aims to bring mobile services into the streets by way of the automobile.

Oracle making embedded Java push

The Java ME Embedded 3.2 client runtime broadens Java to cover microcontrollers

Mobile video with JME and MMAPI, Part 1

A two-part introduction to integrating video functionality into Java mobile applications with JME and the Mobile Media API.

Data security in mobile Java applications

The recent release of MIDP (Mobile Information Device Profile) features a major improvement over version 1.0. Version 2.0 includes enhanced mobile code and application security through a well-defined security manager and provisioning...

Access Web services from wireless devices

Like mother enterprise computing architectures, Web services involve both clients and servers. As so many discussions focus on how to use J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition) to develop and deploy Web services on the server...

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