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Wire open-sources messaging client, woos developers

Secure messaging apps are all the rage, and developers can now write their own open source Wire client

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8 horrifying Hollywood computing cliches

We've all rolled our eyes at ridiculous misinterpretations of computer technology on TV or in the movies. These eight seem to pop up again and again

9 ways developers can help rebuild trust on the Internet

9 ways developers can rebuild trust on the Internet

Public keys, trusted hardware, block chains -- developers should be using these tech tools to help secure the Internet for all.

11 reasons encryption is (almost) dead

Massive leaps in computing power, hidden layers, hardware backdoors -- encrypting sensitive data from prying eyes is more precarious than ever.

Who's to blame for 'catastrophic' Heartbleed Bug?

Over the past week, the Heartbleed bug has sent tech industry giants and startups scurrying to patch servers and change digital encryption certificates, but who's to blame for this flaw in the open-source protocol?

Google to NSA: You'll have to take our data the hard way

The cloud industry, led by Google, is turning its focus away from blocking criminal hackers to blocking systematic government snooping.

Secure data files embedded in MIDP applications

Developers developing standalone MIDP (Mobile Information Device Profile) applications often face the dilemma of securing data distributed in the JAR so other people cannot steal and use it to create a competing application. The Java...

Cracking Java byte-code encryption

May 9, 2003

Yes, you can secure your Web services documents, Part 2

In the first installment of this two-part series, Ray Djajadinata discussed the foundation of confidentiality for WS-Security (Web Services Security): XML Encryption. In this second installment, he introduces XML Digital Signature, a...

Java security evolution and concepts, Part 4

In Parts 1 through 3 of this series, Raghavan Srinivas discussed network and Java security concepts, including a detailed look at applet security. In this article, the fourth and last in the series, he details the optional, yet...

Java security evolution and concepts, Part 3: Applet security

In Parts 1 and 2 of this series, Raghavan Srinivas discussed concepts of network and Java security. In this third installment, he'll take a look at the challenges of security for, and the deployment of, applets. Get lots of popcorn...

AES: Who won?

The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) aims to replace the aging Data Encryption Standard (DES). In this article, Raghavan Srinivas gives a short overview of the 4-year AES development process, initiated by the National Institute of...

Java security evolution and concepts, Part 2

Since Java code can originate from anywhere in the network, code-centric security is very important for Java development. Whereas Part 1 of this series dealt with network security concepts in general, Part 2 will examine the...

Java security evolution and concepts, Part 1: Security nuts and bolts

This series of articles will provide a general understanding of network security as well as the unique aspects of the Java programming language essential for developers. The design and evolution of the Java platform security and the...

AES: Cryptography advances into the future

Judges narrow a number of contestants from around the world to a final round of five. Based on the judges' feedback, an ultimate winner will be crowned. The runner-up will automatically take the crown if something untoward happens...

Signed and delivered: An introduction to security and authentication

Whether information arrives as applet or agent, e-mail or e-check, you can ultimately believe its claims, assess its value, or trust its promises only to the extent that you can trust every hand that it passed through. This is the...

Restricted-channel multicast in Java

This article describes the modifications made to an existing multicast application during research and development at Sun Microsystems. The goal was to convert an application bundled with Java Reliable Multicast Service (JRMS) to...

News and New Product Briefs (7/15/97)

Test your driving skills -- on Mars!; JFC debuts; Integrate news updates directly into third-party software programs; JavaScript warning issued by CERT; Asymetrix launches SuperCede Inc.; Your Java skills are like gold to your...

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