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10 things to worry about in 2016

Yes, it's the poignant sequel to last week's reprieve: a jolly list of worries to keep you up at night this holiday season

Spring Framework flaw allows remote-code execution by attackers

With no quick fix in sight, Spring's remote-code-execution bug leaves many enterprise Java apps at risk.

In memory of Aaron Swartz: Stealing is not stealing

Why would a brilliant 26-year-old hacker face jail time usually given to murderers? Because of whom he 'stole' from.

Old Java versions breed new security exploits

You may be tempted to keep various versions of Java running on your systems, but doing so leaves you exposed to security threats.

Angered by Apple delay, hacker posts Mac Java attack

In an effort to draw attention to an long-standing security problem in Apple's Mac OS X operating system, a security researcher has posted attack code that exploits the flaw.

Beware evil GIFs with built-in Java

Word from a shadowy black hat webinar is that Java could be used as an attack vector -- by embedding executable Java code in GIFs . It's not clear if this would be a client- or server-based attack, but the core concept behind the...

Hackers race to unlock iPhone

Small victories in unlocking iPhone but iTunes authentication presents a hurdle.

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