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HP launches e-services software suite

February 13, 2001 -- Hewlett-Packard launched two software suites Tuesday as part of its "software ecosystem," designed to help its customers develop, integrate, and deploy electronic services and manage IT infrastructure.

Sun's Java VM no good for embedded market, HP says

San Francisco (04/09/98) -- Contrary to published reports, Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) remains vehemently opposed to the standards process Sun Microsystems Inc. uses to develop its Java technology for embedded systems, an HP official...

Analysis of Hewlett-Packard's JVM: Java grows up

Hewlett-Packard's reasons for cloning the Java Virtual Machine are less an attempt to split Java than a demonstration of how important Java is becoming. The reasons for HP's move have more to do with the nature of the embedded-systems...

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