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Half full or half empty? HTML5's mixed outlook

HTML5 faces an uncertain future, according to a new IDC report, and likely won't replace native mobile application development anytime soon.

Forrester: HTML5 apps still not as good as native apps

HTML5 is useful as one weapon in the mobile arsenal, but studies show that it's no silver bullet.

7 cutting-edge programming experiments worth trying

The trick to the cutting edge is to experiment, not to jump in with both feet. Get tips for using emerging technologies for real-world results, without getting burned.

Dan Bricklin: JavaScript beats native code for mobile

VisiCalc's legendary co-inventor argues that most developers should write mobile JavaScript apps rather than build apps in native code.

Oracle releases HTML5-focused Java EE 7

Java EE 7 may not be shooting for the cloud (just yet) but it might have something even better, and more timely: a robust enterprise platform tuned for developing HTML5 and mobile apps.

Oracle updates NetBeans for HTML5

The new version of the IDE features code completion for HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS to make programming for mobile and Web apps easier.

6 reasons you should be using jQuery

Bringing together HTML5 and CSS, the jQuery JavaScript library greatly eases the pains of Web application development.

JW soapbox: Let's stop the FUD about JavaFX and deprecate the Java Plug-in

Jeff Friesen on why JavaFX developers have reason to question current thinking that says native apps are out of the game, and why it's time to let the Java Plug-in go.

4 reasons to jump to HTML5

If you want to improve your search rankings, better support mobile readers, and transform your development process, it's time to integrate HTML5.

Google Chrome, HTML5, and the new Web platform

The Chrome dev team is working toward a vision of Web apps that offers a clean break from traditional websites.

Beyond jQuery: JavaScript tools for the HTML5 generation

For those looking beyond jQuery, many JavaScript libraries are tuned for mobile devices, Canvas-based animation, HTML5 video, local databases, server interaction, and more.

Adobe's no-choice embrace of HTML5

As Flash gives way to open technologies, Adobe is retooling to support the new developer reality.

Flash is going down for the count -- but slowly

Developers will have new HTML5 world to deal with when the smoke clears

JavaOne celebrates the success of enterprise Java

JavaOne in San Francisco this week will address the future of JavaFX, as well as Java platform support for HTML5.

Eleven hard truths about HTML5

HTML5 offers web developers powerful new features, but spec limitations may prevent it from unseating native apps.

Will HTML5 kill the mobile app?

With a powerful new upgrade to HTML now emerging, developers may opt for apps that run in mobile browsers.

HTML5 is no panacea

Don't believe the hype: building serious applications still takes more than mere Web markup.

13 programming tools for the mobile Web

HTML5 and a vibrant ecosystem of libraries are making the mobile Web a compelling alternative to developing native code.

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