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What IBM-Red Hat means to the cloud and developers

By buying Red Hat, IBM just bought itself a clue in hybrid cloud computing. And it just might work

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Java modularity specification opposed by Red Hat, IBM is voted down

It could be back to the drawing board for Oracle's modular technology plan intended to make it easier to scale Java

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IBM: Next 5 years AI, IoT and nanotech will literally change the way we see the world

IBM offers its annual, eye-opening predictions for how technology will transform everyday life in the next five years

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Three-year-old IBM patch for critical Java flaw is broken

Security researchers have found that a patch released by IBM three years ago for a critical vulnerability in its own Java implementation is ineffective and can be easily bypassed to exploit the flaw again.

github enterprise

GitHub Enterprise is coming to Bluemix

GitHub's popular code-sharing service for developers has long been available in a self-hosted enterprise version, and now it's coming to IBM's Bluemix cloud platform

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How green is your cloud?

The public clouds run by Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft all claim a commitment to green energy -- but the clear leader in this field may surprise you

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IBM's open source JVM project could also speed Ruby, Python

IBM's internal OMR project makes maintaining JVM easier across platforms -- and may give other languages a performance boost

Linux Foundation throws its weight behind open APIs

With the Open API Initiative, the Linux Foundation and its partners -- including IBM -- plan to make the next generation of APIs easier to find, use, document, and transform

cognitive apps

IBM debuts first Watson machine-learning APIs

The Watson Developer Cloud offers eight services for building what IBM describes as cognitive apps, with more services promised later on.

In defense of Apache

The Apache name is helpful for getting little-known open source projects off the ground, and even occasionally launching them into the stratosphere. So why is the open source giant still getting mixed reviews?

IBM support for Cloud Foundry stands to benefit OpenStack, Java too

IBM has announced it's throwing its enterprise heft behind Cloud Foundry, the VMWare-spawned open source PaaS unveiled in 2011.

IBM explores making Java virtual machine big part of future cloud platforms

IBM hopes to facilitate a continuous platform experience between JVM-based applications running in the cloud and mobile devices.

SAP joins OpenJDK Java project

App vendor SAP joins IBM and Apple in backing the Oracle-led initiative to produce an open source Java implementation.

What IBM really thinks about the cloud

Steve Mills, who recently became head of all IBM products, gives his frank opinion about cloud computing and HP's new cloud initiative.

Oracle and IBM find solidarity in Java

Executives from both companies recognize their mutual Java interests and pledge to do what's best for the platform

IBM borrowing from Harmony for its JVM

Hey, remember that whole dispute between The Apache Software Foundation and Sun over the Test Compatibility Kits for Apache Harmony, the ASF's Java SE implementation? You might recall back when everyone was sure that IBM would be...

IBM developerWorks gets a social networking boost

IBM developerWorks launched on Thursday its new social networking initiative: MyDeveloperWorks. Many promised features are not yet available, but the platform has promise, says one developer. Chris Kanaracus reports for the IDG News...

Where did Sun go wrong?

Once a Silicon Valley star, Sun Microsystems has lost most of its shine in the decade since the dot-com bubble burst. Elizabeth Montalbano reports on the series of missteps that have led this great innovator to impasse.

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