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What now for Sun -- and Java?

So, the seemingly inevitable has been evaded: Sun and IBM will not be merging after all , with the deal foundering non IBM's reduced appraisal of the company's worth and discomfort with executive buyout clauses .

Sun may be stranded without IBM

Consensus is emerging that the apparent failure of the Sun-IBM buyout is bad news for the company without a suitor. 'IBM threw Sun a rope. They used it to make a noose," said one analyst. Network World's Jon Brodkin reports.

Fanning out on the JVM

I held off on posting yesterday because rumor had it that the Sun-IBM deal would close today, but it looks like another day has passed without that Godot-like event finally arriving.

If IBM owns Java ...

After years of speculation, it appears that Sun Microsystems is on the cusp of being bought out by IBM. Steven Vaughan-Nichols asks open source leaders familiar with IBM what the merger will mean for open source, Java-based...

Would IBM loosen Java up or keep it tight?

There is still no word on the IBM-Sun merger rumors, but folks I hear from seem to be operating on the assumption that it's a done deal. IBM is supposedly spending this week scouring Sun's legal agreements to make sure that there's...

IBM/Sun deal could benefit Java, Google’s open source chief says

Google Open Source Chief Chris Dibona thinks an IBM acquisition would benefit Java and make it easier for other companies to license Java technologies. 'IBM has been a huge user of Java and a huge supporter of the Java projects ...'...

IBM-Sun merger rumors roundup: What it means for Java

It's day two of the furious IBM-Sun merger speculation, and there's still no official word -- which in some ways says that this is less likely that it seemed yesterday, because surely rumors of this magnitude wouldn't be allowed to...

IBM/Sun merge low impact for developers, says SpringSource CEO

A potential IBM/Sun merge has seemingly left SpringSource CEO Rod Johnson unruffled. Developers and open source drive Java technology and middleware today, he said, 'it's been many years since Sun and IBM set the agenda.' InfoWorld's...

Sun-IBM merger -- is this really happening?

Some lingering illnesses in my household kept me from getting a blog post in yesterday -- which is just as well, as it gives me more Java To Go energy to tackle the rumors swirling this morning about a potential merger of Sun by Big...

IBM + Sun: How a merger would impact IT

Nine topics to consider regarding a potential IBM/Sun acquisition.

Java crowd has mixed views on potential Sun-IBM deal

IBM's reported interest in buying Sun Microsystems has Java and open-source community members expressing both hopes and worries about the implications of such a deal on the tools, applications and open-source projects they use every...

IBM-Sun deal won't be about software

An IBM-Sun merge makes little sense to analysts looking at software products like GlassFish and WebSphere, or StarOffice and Symphony. But what about Java itself? Network World's John Fontana reports.

What IBM-Sun talks could mean for cloud, virtualization

Sun announced its new cloud compute and storage service on the same day the rumor leaked of its possible talks with IBM. Network World's Jon Brodkin reports on how Sun's cloud and virtualization infrastructure could benefit IBM.

If IBM and Sun merge - Watch out Oracle and SAP!

Most IBM-Sun acquisition talk centers on hardware, but several analysts say Java is the crown jewel in the deal. Infoworld's Tom Sullivan reports on the implications of an IBM-owned Java for vendors like SAP and Oracle.

More potential Sun tie-ups

There was some rumbling this week as Sun and HP hyped an upcoming announcement -- would this presage the long-imagined and dreaded Sun merger ? Well, no; as it turned out it was just another boring Solaris server distribution...

Sun fights for Java, but not alone

Sun Microsystems has recently indicated that it will leverage its stake in Java technology, and that it sees a future in software. Some question the company's relevance to Java, however, and resent its hold on the Java Community...

Jazz open for feedback

IBM edges toward creating an open source version of the collaboration software.

10 tools to manage SOA

Vendors address service-oriented architecture governance, quality and management with various tools designed to help developers build better apps and assist operations staff in spotting performance problems fast.

10 tools to manage SOA

Vendors step up to address the technology triangle of governance, quality, and management essential to SOA.

Azul turbocharges its 'computing appliance'

Azul Systems is doubling the capacity of its "computing appliance," a device that uses multiple multicore processors and is a departure from the typical server-based approach to large-scale computing.

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