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Microsoft, Sun open interoperability lab

Microsoft and Sun, which became a Windows OEM last year, opened an interoperability center Monday that will provide a test bed for customers who want to run Microsoft applications on Sun x64 servers.

Simplify directory access with Spring LDAP

Why spend all your time handling checked exceptions, closing resources, and looping through NamingEnumerations when you don't have to? The Spring LDAP framework puts the 'l' (for lightweight) back into LDAP programming with JNDI.

BEA seeks to modularize app server

April 3, 2006—BEA Systems is working to modularize services from its WebLogic Server application server, enabling them to run independently with open source frameworks.

EclipseCon reflects the rise of IDE

March 20, 2006—EclipseCon kicks off this week in Santa Clara, Calif., marking the second annual convocation of Eclipse partners and vendors, who will gather to learn about and celebrate alliances, new products, and new directions.

Sun pairing tools for identity technology

March 13, 2006—Sun Microsystems plans to add management and other software to its identity platform so that users can converge access to physical and logical resources onto a single smart card.

Does an object exist if you can't test its identity?

December 12, 2003

Secure Web services

Security is important for any kind of distributed computing environment. For Web services environments, security is becoming even more important due to Web services' unique characteristics. In this article, Sang Shin discusses these...

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