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Intel releases Hadoop distribution primed for its own chips

Intel Distribution for Apache Hadoop integrates open source components with Intel's proprietary deployment and tuning tools.

Intel Parallel Studio to boost parallelism

Intel has released a beta version of its Intel Parallel Composer for Windows. The company plans to create a family of tools that will speed up the shift to parallel computing and the creation of applications able to run on multicore...

Intel linking Itanium to Java

Intel officials on Wednesday will tout intentions to enable Java to run on the company's 64-bit Itanium processor, but Sun Microsystems, for its part, is not set to build any hardware that would utilize the chip.

On the road to operating-system glasnost

What if they wrote an operating system, and nobody logged on? Are there alternatives to Vista?

Bridge the gap between Java and Twain

Twain has long allowed Win32 programmers to integrate imaging devices into their applications at no cost. Twain allows us to capture images from seemingly disparate devices like flatbed scanners, fingerprint readers, Web cams, and...

Friend or foe?

Does Intel even care about Java? Yes. But why? And how much should it care? Rick Cook examines the strategic impact of Java on the world's most successful microprocessor company. (2,100 words)

Intel, Comcast invest in Intertainer's Java-based technology

Hong Kong (02/12/98) -- Intel Corp. and Comcast Corp. have taken a stake in Intertainer Inc., a self-styled broadband entertainment-program service provider, Intertainer announced yesterday. The news coincided with the 2-year-old...

Performance tests show Java as fast as C++

Java got a deservedly bad rap for slow performance when Java virtual machines were bytecode interpreters. With the advent of good just-in-time (JIT) compilers, however, our tests show that Java is already on par with C++ in most...

Sun rejects request to hand over Java

San Francisco (09/12/97) -- Officials at Sun Microsystems Inc. said today that a request by its competitors to turn over ownership of its Java development language to an international standards body is nothing but a public relations...

<em>JavaWorld</em> News Briefs (5/1/97)

The (Java) gospel according to Borland CEO; "Trust" no one: Microsoft reacts to McNealy's JavaOne damning ActiveX demo; So, you want the fastest Java? Go with "Intel Inside"; The analysts say CORBA's being passed up by ActiveX and...

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