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Developers' wish list for iOS 8

Suggested features for the next iPhone and iPad OS range from diagnostic data to parental controls to leaving things almost as-is.

Objective-C's dip in popularity tied to decline in iPad and iPhone

Tiobe official says Objective-C's dip is tied to an overall decline in iPad and iPhone sales, while devices in the Java Android space are on the rise.

Google's Java translator eases path to iPad, iPhone apps

In addition to Java-to-Objective-C, which converts Java code to Objective-C for iPhone and iPad apps, Google is readying a Python client library for Google APIs.

Attack of the mobile browsers

Firefox, Opera, and a horde of mobile upstarts give iPhone, iPad, and Android users plenty of alternatives.

The iPad and what it means for Java

In my last post , I made a little joke about the closing of the Sun-Oracle deal being overshadowed by Apple's big iPad announcement. The folks at Oracle would almost certainly have preferred that their deal closed perhaps a few days...

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