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Global economic technology prospects: China and the United States of America
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Want to boost your salary? Learn Scala, Golang, or Python

Scala, Golang, and Python, along with big data tech like Apache Spark, reliably bolster your paycheck, according to salary-tracking site PayScale

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Stack Overflow survey: JavaScript reigns, female developers MIA

JavaScript remains the king for front-end, back-end, and full-stack development, but female devs remain woefully few and far between

7 simple rules for hiring great developers

Top developers can write their own ticket in today's tech hiring market, so how do smaller operations or startups attract skilled talent? From weeding out rocks stars to mentoring on the job, hiring managers explain how they build dev...

Your Worst Hire: Four Lessons from Other People's Mistakes

Alas, all of us are imperfect at the job interview process, on both sides of the desk. When we hire people to work for (or with) us, we sometimes bring on the wrong people. Find out what you can learn from stories of other managers'...

Making Programming Certifications Relevant in the Real World

Many of us sneer at vendor certifications because they don't seem to reflect the individual's actual skills. Being "a good test-taker" does not mean that you are also a good programmer or that you can intimdate a down server into...

Interviewing Your Next Boss: Putting the Programming Lead on the Hot Seat

Should developers interview the tech leads to whom they'll report?

Hiring the phantom Java architect

Unlike other programming languages, Java—because of its broad scope—has caused more functions, responsibilities, and expectations to be tacked on to job requirements, in particular, to the responsibilities of a Java architect. Java...

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