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artificially intelligent, robotic worker

How to get started with AI—before it’s too late

Put these five prerequisites in place so you can actually execute on your artificial intelligence strategy

Employee handcuffed to keyboard

6 terrible tech managers—and how to succeed despite them

From the Know It All to the Overwhelmer, succeeding beneath a bad manager takes strategy and finesse

logitech professional presenter

25% off Logitech Professional Presenter R800, Presentation Wireless Presenter with Laser Pointer - Deal Alert

Logitech Professional Presenter R800 gives you powerful control for high-impact presentations. The brilliant green laser pointer is easy to see, even on flat panel displays, projection screens, and in brightly lit rooms. Manage your...

linux course

$39 for 54 Hours of Training with the Linux Essentials Bundle - Deal Alert

These 5 courses will take you from newbie to Linux pro. Complete with two classes designed for Linux beginners, the Linux Essentials Bundle is the first step to a system administrator career, or to making a lateral move to your IT...

Don’t be Delta: Four pillars of high availability

It's unbelievable that in 2016 an entire airline could be brought to its knees by a datacenter outage. Did Delta skip computer science class? Let's review

7 stages of a failed software project

Know the signs! You might not be able to affect the outcome, but at least you'll recognize when to fasten your seatbelt and update your resume

convergence roads merger aquisition

Chef combines 3 devops tools in one package

The new Automate enterprise commercial bundle is an integrated option for existing Chef users, but not a requirement


New toolset makes it possible to build and ship Docker containers within Ansible

Using Ansible playbooks, instead of Docker's tools, opens the doors to new kinds of dev automation

Speed Reeding Course

Over 80% off Essential Speed Reading Bundle - Deal Alert

You know that stack of books you’ve been meaning to tackle, but thought you never had the time? The Essential Speed Reading Bundle comes with a 3-year subscription to Spreeder and 7 Speed Reading EX, two tools proven to boost reading...

sql course

91% off Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate: SQL Server Certification Bundle - Deal Alert

Qualify for a Database Developer Position with Certified SQL Mastery.

itil course

98% off ITIL Foundation Training for IT Professionals - Deal Alert

Beginning with an assessment of your current IT service offering, you’ll be ready to take the ITIL Foundation exam by course’s end.

10gen CEO: NoSQL has come far, but still needs better security, management

NoSQL databases are known for being able to handle high volume data that doesn't fit the relational model, but the NoSQL ecosystem is not yet mature enough for many mainstream applications, said the MongoDB CEO.

Management Reporting and The King's Horseman

The title of this blog is taken from a play by the Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka, titled "Death and The King's Horseman". It tells the story of "the Elesin" or "the King's Horseman", who must commit ritual suicide after the King's...

Putting a Dent in the Universe

This developer career blog has covered a lot of topics related to programming skills. But I haven't addressed one of the most important components of career success: passion. And who better to turn to for advice about generating...

Surviving a Job Promotion

I don't mean to imply that it's a bad thing to be promoted — quite to the contrary. But as you move up the corporate ladder, things change. And you have to change, too.

I knew it was time to look for a new job when they said....

Or, Phrase Translation: Get Your Résumé Out

Right movie for Sun mgmt

I've heard the news the other day about the continued losses in our beloved Java company, some 200M $. Yesterday we were watching a movie with my wife, it was "Elizabethtown", and after a minute or two it struck me -- that movie IS a...

When the Job Changes But the Programmer Doesn't Part II: Saving Frank's Job

Last week, I described the plight of a maintenance programmer whose company was moving to a new language and development platform. Although Frank (a real person but with details changed to protect identities) has worked for the...

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