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28 Questions You Wish You Asked the Manager During the Job Interview

What should a developer say when the prospective big-boss asks, "Do you have any questions for me?" Here are several suggestions, from management style to company finances.

Spring into Seam, Part 3: Persistence for two

Who says Web application frameworks can't learn to share? Find out how Spring and Seam can collaborate on persistence tasks in complex, database-oriented applications. (Excerpted from Seam in Action, forthcoming from Manning...

10 tools to manage SOA

Vendors step up to address the technology triangle of governance, quality, and management essential to SOA.

Introducing outside-in development

An overview of the principles and practice of stakeholder-based application development, excerpted from Outside-in Software Development: A Practical Approach to Building Successful Stakeholder-based Products (IBM Press, September...

Java internationalization with the Properties Pre-Processor

Try an open source utility that lets you store localized strings in a single XML file and easily share it across multiple locale-aware applications.

SOA's 6 burning questions

Service-oriented architecture is one of the most talked about and least understood topics in IT today. From ROI to security, this article examines six burning questions IT shops face when choosing SOA.

Sun anticipates moves to software services

In the future IT will focus more on business than technology, says Sun CIO, outlines company's plans to be at the top of the wave.

12 skills that employers can't say no to

Have you spoken with a high-tech recruiter or professor of computer science lately? According to observers across the country, the technology skills shortage is real, and so are the opportunities that come with it.

Manage your JMX-enabled applications with jManage 1.0

Java Management Extensions (JMX) technology enables management and monitoring of applications and services via MBeans (managed beans), allowing JMX clients to be developed independently using standard protocols. jManage is an open...

Manage the agile team with XPlanner

So you've heard good things about agile development. You're convinced that the short delivery cycles, test-driven development, continuous integration, and intimate user involvement are the keys to delivering real (and timely) value...

Annotations to the rescue

Java annotations can be used for more than just marking deprecated code. In this article, they are used to hand over method-invocation control to a lightweight framework component that manages the sequence in which a set of methods is...

Score big with JSR 77, the J2EE Management Specification

The J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition) specification should ease enterprise computing; we should be able to simply develop enterprise applications and deploy them into a J2EE-compliant product. But the reality is different...

A recipe for cookie management

While developing a universal email client offering single-point access to all major Internet mail services, Web-based or otherwise, I found my application often had to act as a mini Web browser to interact with mail provider Websites....

Create automated and distributed management applications with Jiro technology

Enterprises and service providers are struggling with the complexity and cost of managing distributed storage, networking, and system resources in their growing environments. Providers need software that can integrate and automate...

Java in the management sphere, Part 3

Although a natural choice for developers in system and network management, the Java platform has been relatively slow to mature, providing neither a ubiquitous framework nor an abundance of applications in that space. In the final...

Java in the management sphere, Part 2

The Java platform has been relatively slow to mature in the management arena, providing neither a ubiquitous management framework nor an abundance of applications in that problem space. In the second installment of this three-part...

Java in the management sphere, Part 1

From its inception, the Java platform has been a natural choice for potential system and network management applications -- yet the platform seems to have been relatively slow to mature, providing neither a ubiquitous management...

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