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90% off Become an Ethical Hacker With This Complete eLearning Bundle - Deal Alert

With cyberattacks putting everyone on edge, companies are looking for ethical hackers--IT pros paid handsomely to hack their network, expose security flaws, and fix them before someone else breaks in. Learn the tools of the ethical...

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Want to boost your salary? Learn Scala, Golang, or Python

Scala, Golang, and Python, along with big data tech like Apache Spark, reliably bolster your paycheck, according to salary-tracking site PayScale

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You don't need a college degree to be a programmer in Silicon Valley

The Wall Street Journal says most programming jobs in Silicon Valley now require a college degree. Don’t believe it

Convincing the Boss to Pay for Developer Training

Your company wants you to be competent (if not brilliant) with your programming tools. But even in the best of times, Management is reluctant to pay for training classes, tech conferences, or even a programming book. Here's a few...

easyb satiation this May 7th and 8th

A disconnect between the stakeholders who define requirements and the developers who implement them has long plagued software development, baby. In recent years, frameworks based on dynamic languages (like Groovy and Ruby) and...

Jump into Groovy and Grails this April

My good friend Scott Davis (author of The Pragmatic Programmers’ Groovy Recipes

Evaluating Agile

Delivering high-quality software efficiently is critical to businesses in every industry -- and that means the 18-month product cycle is on its way out. IBM's Sue McKinney takes a hard-nosed look at Agile's faster approach to software...

IT learns to do less with less

CIOs are unlikely to spread resources in 2009, according to a recent Gartner report. Instead, teams will be pushed to ever higher levels of productivity, on an ever-dwindling number of projects.

The 2009 tech career planner

Tech jobs are in trouble, with new layoffs announced almost every week, and many IT workers are scrambling for a new career plan. InfoWorld's Galen Gruman distills career advice from across the IDG news network.

12 skills that employers can't say no to

Have you spoken with a high-tech recruiter or professor of computer science lately? According to observers across the country, the technology skills shortage is real, and so are the opportunities that come with it.

Schools teaching Java

The following was excepted from a table created by Graham Lovell of Sun Microsystems. North American entries where course related information was available on the Web were retained. The complete chart, including international links,...

Educators embrace Java

The Java programming language is gaining popularity in university and community college curriculums -- as a first programming language, as a general programming language better suited to conveying advanced concepts such as concurrency...

How the Java virtual machine handles exceptions

All Java programs are compiled into class files that contain bytecodes, the machine language of the Java virtual machine. This article takes a look at the way exceptions are handled by the Java virtual machine, including the exception...

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