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Fixing the Java memory model

With the recent announcement of JEP 188: Java Memory Model Update, now seems like a good time to brush up on what you know about the JMM.

Java memory model takes small step toward modernization

Authored by Doug Lea, JDK Enhancement Proposal 188 would update the Java Memory Model for concurrency support on multicore processors.

Java  >  Lambda expressions  >  Lambda symbol / abstract formulas / binary code

Java programming with lambda expressions

This tutorial demonstrates the power of lambda expressions by contrasting implementations of a mathematical example using C++, Java without lambdas, and Java 8 with lambda expressions.

9 technologies for a supercharged 2014

Cloud computing and big data are exiting the buzzword zone in 2014, which is why database and PaaS technologies should lead the way in your enterprise.

Oracle seeks Java performance boost, joins HSA Foundation

Oracle has joined the Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) Foundation, an industry consortium that develops open standards and tools for parallel acceleration and execution.

1-2-3 hopscotch

Java 101: The essential Java language features tour, Part 1

From assertions in JDK 1.4 to the forthcoming lambdas in Java 8, the Java language has evolved considerably since its inception. Start building your toolbox of essential Java language features this week, with assertions and generics.

Java 101: Java concurrency without the pain, Part 2

Learn how the Java Concurrency Utilities handle locking, atomic variables, and fork/join operations. Then prepare for the future with an overview of anticipated changes to the Java Concurrency Utilities coming in Java 8.

Java 101: Java concurrency without the pain, Part 1

When concurrency gets complex, Java developers can count on the Java Concurrency Utilities to smooth the bumps. Get started with the Executor framework, concurrent synchronizer types, and the Java Concurrent Collections package, and...

What if Java 8 dropped 'extends'?

Andrew Oliver decries the alphabet soup of the Lambda project, saying too many ingeredients are making it a stew. Also, what about his idea of dropping inheritance from Java 8? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Modern threading for not-quite-beginners

Cameron Laird revisits the practice and concepts of multithreaded programming in Java, this time focusing on more intermediate programming solutions for today's distributed computing problems.

JVM performance optimization, Part 4: C4 garbage collection for low-latency Java applications

Learn how C4's concurrently compacting garbage collection algorithm helps boost Java scalability for low-latency enterprise Java applications, in this installment of Eva Andreasson's "JVM performance optimization" series.

Like it or not, closures are coming to Java

Project Lambda will bring closures to the Java language, which should aid in multicore development. But some argue against a radical change to the Java language syntax.

Five ways to maximize Java NIO and NIO.2

Learn how to use the NIO and NIO.2 packages in common Java programming scenarios, including memory mapping, multi-port networking, and character encoding and searches.

Scala upgrade improves tooling, sheds runtime overhead

Version 2.10 of the JVM language will gain improvements in classes and asynchronous programming.

Welcome to the programming language explosion

The days of Java and .Net dominance are over. Let a thousand languages bloom and cross-pollinate.

Functional programming: A step backward

Functional programming languages will have a place in general application development when we can read their code at a glance.

Modern threading: A Java concurrency primer

Cameron Laird hits some of the high (and low) points of threads as a concurrent programming technique. Get an overview of what's perennially challenging about multithreaded programming and find out how the Java platform has evolved to...

JW Archives: How the Java virtual machine performs thread synchronization

All Java programs are compiled into class files that contain bytecodes, the machine language of the Java virtual machine. In this JavaWorld classic, Bill Venners goes under the hood of the JVM to explain the mechanics of thread...

Ruby, Clojure, and Ceylon: Same goal, three very different results

Charles Nutter, Rich Hickey, and Gavin King each discovered that 'simplicity' doesn't mean the same thing

Industry consortium to tackle open spec for software use across multicore devices

ARM, AMD among companies in new HSA Foundation, which aims to make programming for multicore devices easy and portable.

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