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APIs aren’t apps: Make them as thin and light as possible

The right language and tool set to develop an API should be based on what the API is designed to do, and a few other factors.

Stability patterns applied in a RESTful architecture

Learn how stability patterns anticipate the hot-spots of distributed network behavior, then see five patterns applied to RESTful transactions in Jersey and RESTEasy.

Ceylon 1.1.0 lands, with Java and Android hooks to come

Ceylon 1.1 features performance upgrades and OSGi backing, but developers have more to look forward to in June 2015.

Oracle exec: Java shortcomings will be addressed by Project Jigsaw

Java's chief architect discusses the long-term impact of Project Jigsaw and lays out a roadmap for the upcoming Java EE 8.

Big Java news in late summer 2014

Java modularity and updated JVM performance options spark developer interest in Java EE 8 and Java 9.

Java incubator to explore technologies for Java 10 and beyond

Proposed by Brian Goetz on the openjdk mailing list, Project Valhalla would explore and incubate long-term improvements to the Java language.

App dev 2013: The winners and losers

A new school of Web-based enterprise development tools and platforms grew stronger and more versatile in 2013, leaving us with some interesting trends to build on in the year ahead.

Initial Peek at Java EE 6 Cookbook for Securing, Tuning, and Extending Enterprise Applications

Packt Publishing recently invited me to review Mick Knutson 's ( @mickknutson ) book Java EE 6 Cookbook for Securing, Tuning, and Extending Enterprise Applications .

Salesforce goes all in on APIs

Newly announced Salesforce1 platform delivers platform services via APIs and represents re-envisioning of the company.

Java EE a tough sell for Spring framework users

New Spring framework releases such as Spring 4.0 and Spring IO stay in step with the evolving Java EE while offering programming ease and enterprise features not found on the Java standard platform.

Oracle and ARM to tweak Java

Oracle, ARM collaboration aims to improve the throughput and scalability of Java applications on ARM multicore systems.

How to teach a Java EE app new NoSQL tricks

To some, Antonio Goncalves's modernized Java EE Pet Shop application serves as a demo for Java EE done right. Porting Pet Shop to NoSQL (via Couchbase 2.0) turned up both strengths and weaknesses of Java enterprise programming.

Can TomEE save Java EE?

David Blevins of the Apache TomEE project believes there's life left in the Java EE programming model -- and that his souped-up Tomcat enterprise application server proves it.

JCache won't make it into Java EE 7

With work yet to be done on JCache, the Java EE 7 and JCache expert groups concluded this week that it's best to push the Java caching API into Java 8.

Book Review: Java EE 6 Cookbook for Securing, Tuning, and Extending Enterprise Applications

As I described in an earlier post, Packt Publishing invited me to review the book Java EE 6 Cookbook for Securing, Tuning, and Extending Enterprise Applications . In this post, I provide a review of the strengths and weaknesses of...

Open source Java projects: TomEE

As applications scale to enterprise, they often surpass the capacity of a standard web container. Rather than wire up a deployment environment from scratch, why not check out TomEE? Steven Haines relaunches Open source Java projects...

Java EE testing with Arquillian

I recently caught up with my old friend, Dan Allen , who is a Red Hat principal software engineer and open source evangelist. In this podcast, he explains how Arquillian eases integration testing by providing a test harness to...

Apache TomEE Web stack passes TCK

Apache TomEE, a lightweight Java web stack built on Tomcat and OpenWebBeans, has passed TCK compatibility tests for the Java EE 6 web profile.

Java EE 7 specification gets unanimous approval

Approved Java 7 specification to improve cloud computing on the Java platform.

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