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REST for Java developers, Part 2: Restlet for the weary

'Tis the season of weariness for many around the world, so sit back and enjoy a long, tall sip of Restlet: A toolkit for building and consuming RESTful Web services in Java. This article also introduces JSR 311: JAX-RS.

Survival of the fittest Jini services, Part 3

Frank Sommers explains how Jini's Transaction Specification implements the two-phase locking (2PL) protocol and offers guidelines for implementing Jini transactions in web services.

Survival of the fittest Jini services, Part 1

In this JavaWorld classic, Frank Sommers paints a picture of the future as we know it today, exploring both the consumer-side technologies emerging as machine-to-machine computing becomes the new norm, and the lengths to which...

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