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Java 8 for the really impatient

New syntax could make programming in Java 8 more concise and efficient -- but you have to master the jargon first.

Oracle to limit backward compatibility from Java 9 to Java 8

Merges of code lines between releases would be halted after JDK 9 is initialized from JDK 8.

Oracle seeks Java performance boost, joins HSA Foundation

Oracle has joined the Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) Foundation, an industry consortium that develops open standards and tools for parallel acceleration and execution.

Java forever! 12 keys to Java's enduring dominance

12 definitive reasons why Java is not only surviving but actively thriving in a changing industry, and despite a 15-year tradition of predicting its doom.

Oracle claims Java SE, ME convergence is boon for developers

Java 8 will deliver code portability, commonality of APIs, and shared tooling from the smallest device to SE embedded, according to Oracle announcements at JavaOne this weekend.


The Java language's transient keyword isn't as well known as for , class , synchronized , and other familiar keywords; which makes it a perfect candidate for inclusion in a job interview questionnaire.

1-2-3 hopscotch

Java 101: The essential Java language features tour, Part 1

From assertions in JDK 1.4 to the forthcoming lambdas in Java 8, the Java language has evolved considerably since its inception. Start building your toolbox of essential Java language features this week, with assertions and generics.

Java 101: Java concurrency without the pain, Part 2

Learn how the Java Concurrency Utilities handle locking, atomic variables, and fork/join operations. Then prepare for the future with an overview of anticipated changes to the Java Concurrency Utilities coming in Java 8.

Java faces tough climb to catch up to .Net

By the time Java 8 comes out, it'll be another two to five years behind .Net -- and Microsoft's coordinated front. Could C# and .Net beat Java at its own game?

Love and hate for Java 8

Java 8 promises some exciting changes to how Java programming is done, but as with any new technology, developers will tally the good, the bad, and the headaches.

Microsoft, Azul to put open source Java on Azure cloud

Microsoft's open source subsidiary is partnering with JVM technology vendor Azul Systems to deliver a build of OpenJDK that will run on the Windows Azure cloud platform.

Oracle hitches Java to 'Internet of things'

Oracle is releasing a client Java runtime and toolkit for microcontrollers and resource-constrained devices, which the company hopes could help Java supplant C in embedded device development.

Java 101: Java concurrency without the pain, Part 1

When concurrency gets complex, Java developers can count on the Java Concurrency Utilities to smooth the bumps. Get started with the Executor framework, concurrent synchronizer types, and the Java Concurrent Collections package, and...

Oracle releases HTML5-focused Java EE 7

Java EE 7 may not be shooting for the cloud (just yet) but it might have something even better, and more timely: a robust enterprise platform tuned for developing HTML5 and mobile apps.

Red Hat's OpenShift PaaS goes live

OpenShift offers Java, PHP, Node.js, and other Web languages in a hosted environment.

Get real, Bill -- we do need more H-1Bs for tech workers

Until we address underlying causes of developer shortage, we'll need all possible H-1B visas to keep the industry going.

Java: Out of the spotlight, but still spry

Speaking at JAXConf in Santa Clara, Calif., Red Monk analyst Stephen O'Grady noted that Java faces competition in the enterprise, but will remain vital as long as it is being leveraged in new ways.

The full Java life: What does a software architect really do all day?

Software architects have it easy, or so many coders and engineers believe. Find out what an architect's day-to-day working life really looks like in this Full Java life interview. Java programming veteren Bruce Brouwer discusses his...

Computer scientists oppose Oracle's bid to copyright Java APIs

Bjarne Stroustrup, Doug Lea, and Martin Odersky are among the more than 30 engineers who signed the Electronic Frontier Foundation response to the Oracle lawsuit.

Java developer says he built, launched basic open source office suite in 30 days

Java Developer Anthony Goubard claims it took him just 30 days to build the open source office suite Joeoffice, which he hopes will someday compete with Google Docs.

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