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Io.js beta release could lead to reconciliation with Node.js

As the Node fork ships in beta, leaders of both camps say they would like to merge the technologies back together.

light saber duel fight

PHP vs. Node.js: An epic battle for developer mind share

For every coder crowing about the purity of Node.js, there's another who's happy with the deep code base and stability of PHP. Will the old codger beat back the server-side upstart? Or will JavaScript topple its old friend to achieve...

Next up for Node.js: Going mobile

A key developer wants to expand the horizons of the server-side JavaScript platform and bring it to all devices.

Web acceleration protocol nears completion

The HTTP/2 protocol will speed Web delivery for real-time multimedia apps, though critics fear that it could lock out WebSockets and other Web semantics.

In praise of Java template engines

A Java template engine's built-in MVC architecture can cut the learning curve for a Java beginner, but more seasoned developers find plenty of reasons to use them too.

9 killer uses for WebSockets

Web developers typically depend on Ajax long-polling for instantaneous data in the browser, but today's version of WebSockets would do that job (and a few more) even better.

The full Java life: Interview with Jim Showalter, principal engineer at Intuit

JavaWorld talks with Intuit Principal Engineer Jim Showalter about the evolving Java technology stack at Intuit, why Java is his programming language of choice, and where he finds challenge and inspiration as a career programmer.

Java 7: What's in it for developers

After a long wait and a rough start, Java 7 brings a multitude of improvements for developers.

JetBrains readies JVM language Kotlin

Kotlin will be statically typed and free of legacy troubles, according to the company

Red Hat CEO takes on patent trolls

The near-billion-dollar company is attracting lots of attention from patent attorneys.

Red Hat's Ceylon language is an unneeded tempest in a teapot

Is yet another Java makeover really the best that the leading Linux vendor has to offer?

Oracle set to merge Java virtual machines

Oracle's plan to merge the Sun HotSpot Java Virtual Machine with the JRockit JVM is still evolving, but a single JVM based on both technologies is expected in 18 months to two years, an Oracle official said during a Webcast this week....

Apache readies Tomcat Java servlet container upgrade

The Apache Software Foundation for open source projects is readying an upgrade to its Tomcat Java servlet container, eyeing improvements in areas such as scalability and security, Apache personnel said earlier this month.

Open source Java projects: Jakarta Cactus

Unit-testing server-side code is famously challenging, but Jakarta Cactus does make it easier. Learn how Cactus extends JUnit with an in-container strategy that lets you execute test cases for servlets, EJBs, and other server-side...

Write your own Twitter application

Catch the social-networking wave with the convenience of Java APIs. Using Apache Commons HttpClient, dom4j, and iText, create a servlet-based application that dynamically archives Twitter updates in a PDF document mirroring Twitter's...

Asynchronous processing support in Servlet 3.0

The revolution didn't stop with Ajax, and the incoming Servlet 3.0 specification will prove it. Find out why Servlet 3.0's support for asynchronous processing is the next big leap forward for developing collaborative, multi-user...

Measuring Web application response time: Meet the client

Server-side response time says your Web application is blazing fast; but if you're not measuring the client you're missing the full picture. Learn how to fill in the blanks by capturing and logging end user events.

Open source Java projects: Java Caching System

Caching frequently accessed objects is a sure way to improve application performance. Steve Haines joins the OSJP series to introduce Java Caching System, a full-featured, easily configured tool for enterprise-level caching.

Asynchronous HTTP Comet architectures

There's a lot more to asynchronous, non-blocking HTTP than Comet. Get an overview of the programming techniques and servlet container extensions that are breathing new life into HTTP on the server side, with or without the support of...

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