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pi book

39% off Exploring Raspberry Pi: Interfacing to the Real World with Embedded Linux, Paperback - Deal Alert

The innovators guide to bringing Raspberry Pi to life. This book favors engineering principles over a 'recipe' approach to give you the skills you need to design and build your own projects. You'll understand the fundamental...

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Container-friendly Alpine Linux may get Java port

Project Portola would port the JDK to the security-focused, lightweight Linux distribution

linux shell

5 rock-solid Linux distros for developers

Developers want power, flexibility, stability, and ease, and these Linux distributions have it all

hybrid cloud

Report: Linux, NoSQL, Nginx set foundation for AWS app dominance

Sumo Logic research shows its customers favor AWS for building their apps, Redis for storing data, and Nginx for serving it all up

linux course

$39 for 54 Hours of Training with the Linux Essentials Bundle - Deal Alert

These 5 courses will take you from newbie to Linux pro. Complete with two classes designed for Linux beginners, the Linux Essentials Bundle is the first step to a system administrator career, or to making a lateral move to your IT...

crossover 15

66% off CrossOver, and Run Windows Apps On Your Mac - Deal Alert

It’s no secret that Windows, Mac, and Linux are the three major operating systems dominating the market today—and that their incompatibility often creates issues for users. For the inevitable moments when you need to use a Windows app...

linux course

Save Hundreds On The Complete Linux System Administrator Bundle - Deal Alert

Packed with over 100 hours of instruction, this bundle will help you dive into Linux, the popular open-source operating system, and is currently on sale over 90% off its typical price.

Cloud computing circuits

Red Hat's new OpenShift service aims for public-cloud convenience, bare-metal speeds

A new hosted version of Red Hat's flagship PaaS aims to satisfy enterprise needs for multitenancy and performance

JavaScript words

Move over, Linux -- JavaScript-powered NodeOS 1.0 approaches

NodeOS lowers the bar for developers using a base foundation of JavaScript, Node.js, and Npm

Linux Foundation throws its weight behind open APIs

With the Open API Initiative, the Linux Foundation and its partners -- including IBM -- plan to make the next generation of APIs easier to find, use, document, and transform

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Red Hat is boring -- and more open source companies should emulate it

Brick by brick, Red Hat has built itself into a powerhouse without raising piles of VC money. Today's open source upstarts could learn from it

sarah sharp

Linux kernel dev Sarah Sharp quits, citing ‘brutal’ communications style

A prominent open source developer has ended her work on the Linux kernel, citing a culture of overwork and personal attacks.

Review: Google Compute Engine rocks the cloud

Google's new compute cloud offers a crisp and clean way to spin up Linux instances and easily tap other Google APIs.

Flash smartphone from Samsung

Yesterday a new smartphone Wave was officially presented by Samsung. Some say that it is based on Linux. But it's not that interesting as you just can't expect a jailbreak or some kind of a root access from Samsung anytime soon. Their...

CSS 2008 Linux Presentations Released

Three Linux -related presentations from Colorado Software Summit 2008 have been made available on the Colorado Software Summit site .

Write once, run where it runs best

Continuing on my theme from last week , on some platforms being more equal than others when it comes to running Java, I read with some interest this comparison between Java running on Ubuntu and Windows Vista on the same hardware.

JavaFX disses Sun's longtime customers?

Due to the preview SDK's neglect of Linux and other crimes, Jacob Hookum lashes out on his blog that JavaFX ignores Sun's longstanding customers while chasing others that it won't get. "Focusing back on their existing...

Linux will save JavaFX!

I was drawn to a JavaLobby post entitled JavaFX's Killer Feature , because I have long wondered what, exactly JavaFX's killer feature could possibly be. Well, brace yourself: JavaFX will succeed where others fail because it runs on...

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