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66% off CrossOver, and Run Windows Apps On Your Mac - Deal Alert

It’s no secret that Windows, Mac, and Linux are the three major operating systems dominating the market today—and that their incompatibility often creates issues for users. For the inevitable moments when you need to use a Windows app...

Oracle updates Java, JavaFX for OS X, ARM, and Linux

Standard edition of Java will run on Mac OS X, two versions of ARM processor; JavaFX gains Linux and multitouch capabilities.

Developers wary of App Store sandboxing coming in March

The result will be safer apps, but some developers fear that sandboxing may force them to strip out certain features.

JetBrains adds IDE for Apple iOS, Mac OS X development

JetBrains says AppCode IDE will let developers build Objective-C apps and deliver Xcode-compliant projects, making it easier to stay on the right side of Apple's coding restrictions.

Today in points of Java-Apple interest

Java desktop apps have always had a little trouble looking like native applications, and Java on the Mac has traditionally looked particularly wonky. Now a group at Adobe (of all places) is launching a project to port SWT to Cocoa ,...

Open source Java projects: AnimatingCardLayout

Take another path to filthy rich clients -- AnimatingCardLayout is a free, open source layout manager that you can use to create animated transitions for your Java GUIs.

Open source Java projects: Java Native Access

The Java Native Interface offers a complex and potentially error-prone approach to accessing native code from your Java programs. This month Jeff Friesen introduces JNA: an open source Java project that lets you take what you need...

Leopard's off and running, but where's Mustang?

Some say Apple's Leopard and Sun's Mustang were meant to run neck and neck -- but so far Java SE 6 is out of the race.

Apple updates Java, changes time

Apple has released a pair of updates for running Java on Mac OS X 10.3 and 10.4 and also changed the way Macs handle US Daylight Savings Time.

On the road to operating-system glasnost

What if they wrote an operating system, and nobody logged on? Are there alternatives to Vista?

A do-it-yourself framework for grid computing

Large-scale grid computing frameworks can be successfully used to build computational grid infrastructures, but their sophistication can also be a barrier for software designers experimenting with entry-level grid computing. This...

Macworld: Will Mac OS X be your next development platform?

The combination of Apple's Titanium laptop with the soon-to-be released Mac OS X version 10.1 present two compelling reasons for you to make the Mac your Java development platform. In this article, Daniel Steinberg reports from last...

Macworld report: Big news for Macintosh enthusiasts

Macworld Expos are great places to check up on what's happening with Java on the Macintosh, and the San Francisco expo running from January 9-12 proved no different. Apple's Java story centers on Mac OS X. Although the beta version...

Macworld: Java 2 for the Mac almost ready

At January's Macworld Expo, Apple announced that Java 2 was finally coming to the Mac platform as part of Mac OS X. At one point, the new operating system was promised for last winter; then, in May, a beta was promised for this...

News and New Product Briefs (May 26, 2000)

Julie Salzmann delivers 12 informative company announcements and product briefs: IBM plans JVMs for the latest Java 2 version; Apple postpones Mac OS X release -- again; KL Group enhances JClass 4.5 with XML support; VisiBroker for...

Apple announces Java 2 plans at MacWorld

The State of Java on the Mac session at January's MacWorld Expo was lively and full of surprises. The demos were interesting, but even early on the fundamental question was being asked: when can we expect Java 2 on the Mac? Those...

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