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What's wrong with agile development: Culture, people top the list

Agile development projects are succeeding, but when they fail, it's often due to staffing and teamwork issues.

Android vs. iOS: Developers face off

Whether you choose either or both, the differences in the two platforms and app stores are pronounced

CouchDB is so Groovy

Without a doubt, the burst of innovation occurring in the open source world over the last few years has led to an increase in developer productivity, baby. Freely available tools, frameworks, and solutions address once-common time...

Application performance, the highways and the sideways

The phrase “everything should work as fast as possible” describes the wrong way for developing software. Software is a means to an aim. The aim is a functionality of a sort, just like a car or a house. When constructing a solution,...

Agile Safari

A giraffe, which I hold dear, once told me that agile application development is all about pace, straight forward thinking and relevance. I can’t help thinking that us humans, like to make things all so complicated, even when we...

Development 2.0: Addressing the cost of IT

In a previous post entitled “ Development 2.0 “, I suggested that future development will largely be defined by fully capitalizing on open source technologies (indeed, open source has proliferated in almost every vertical market...

Embarcadero offers on-demand tools access

Embarcadero All-Access is a new license program targeting IT shops doing more with less. The program swaps tool suites for one-stop access to database and development tools for multiple platforms.

Party of one: Surviving the solo open source project

Kirill Grouchnikov explores the challenges and pitfalls of starting and maintaining an open source software project, especially for the developer who codes alone. (An excerpt from Kirill's blog, Pushing Pixels.)

Standards suggested for writing secure Java

A group of secure-programming experts plans a series of documents that outline the skills coders need to write Web applications that are better able to withstand attacks.

GWT solution #6: Drag and drop

Get a hands-on, Google Web Toolkit solution to one of the pervasive problems of Java Web development: Adding drag-and-drop functionality to Web pages.

Sun upgrades GlassFish, slashes Java support price

Sun Monday updated the open source Java Platform Enterprise Edition (Java EE) 5 for the GlassFish Web applications development community and cut the cost of the commercial version of GlassFish, Sun Java Application Server 9.1...

Mobile video with JME and MMAPI, Part 2

Extend your Java mobile application to upload video files to a remote server and download them back to a video-enabled device.

Mobile video with JME and MMAPI, Part 1

A two-part introduction to integrating video functionality into Java mobile applications with JME and the Mobile Media API.

Java internationalization with the Properties Pre-Processor

Try an open source utility that lets you store localized strings in a single XML file and easily share it across multiple locale-aware applications.

Java Fun and Games: Explore the geometry of nature

Enhance your Java games with math-based fractals that imitate nature's geometry.

Sun says bulk of Java is open sourced

Sun announced Tuesday it has finished the process of making the bulk of its core Java technology available as open source software under the GNU general public license version 2 (GPLv2). The vendor made the announcement at its JavaOne...

The Java Enclosing Class as an Implementation of the Builder Pattern

In the traditional Builder Pattern, a Product's encapsulation can be compromised since its compositional logic resides in another class. What if you could determine a Product's composition at run time without breaking encapsulation?...

Manage the agile team with XPlanner

So you've heard good things about agile development. You're convinced that the short delivery cycles, test-driven development, continuous integration, and intimate user involvement are the keys to delivering real (and timely) value...

Improve the quality of your J2EE-based projects

In this article, Jimmy Jarrett advises developers, particularly team leads, on tasks they need to perform to ensure their system's quality. In addition to discussing some open source tools that aid in measuring system quality, he...

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