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Book excerpt: Converting XML to spreadsheet, and vice versa

In this article, an excerpt from "Pro XML Development with Java Technology" (Apress, September 2006), you'll employ the Jakarta POI project's HSSF API to translate XML into an Excel spreadsheet and then covert the spreadsheet format...

Excelling in Excel with Java

Many organizations use Microsoft Excel as a mode of information exchange, as most non-programmers, business analysts, and project/program managers are comfortable with that technology. The ability to use Java to parse, gather, and...

The Java-Excel solution revisited

n the Java Q&A entitled "It's Excel-lent," I presented a method for reading Microsoft Excel documents via JDBC.

It's Excel-lent

June 29, 2001

Java Tip 94: How to open a non-HTML document from a servlet

Java servlet programming provides an easy way to send HTML files to client Web browsers. However, many Websites today provide access to documents that are not in HTML, including Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel files....

Java Tip 77: Enable copy and paste functionality between Swing's JTables and Excel

JTables and Excel charts are commonly used to display data in a grid or table. Often, the data that the user wishes to enter into a JTable already exists in Excel spreadsheets. The Excel format is used for export-import functionality...

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